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  1. Neverending load screen

    Here is a link to my save file.... https://www.amazon.ca/clouddrive/share/Q072iXB7S0q5K8yVcgFC1GLkOhY6bCeMxWZSuUxlvpz
  2. Saved Games Not Loading V0.0.29 Status Update

    Thank you for your reply. I'll add a save file to one of the other posts. If you have any other updates on this issue as they become available, or workarounds, or estimation of when it will be fixed; please post here if you don't mind. I think it will help put customers at ease to see such updates. Thanks
  3. Hi, I see a lot of people have reported this problem, and I have the same problem too. It's so bad I have stopped playing the game until it is fixed. I assume the developers have an idea by now, of what is causing the problem? Can we get a status update of the progress on this issue? Thank you