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  1. Nugget Stats screens hanging and stacking

    Yes it is the same file. I had initially made one post but then I read the forum guidelines that said to post each issue individually so I made this one.
  2. Nugget Stats screens hanging and stacking

    I recently started having the an issue where the nugget stats screen are staying on my screen. If I drag it off to the side so I can see whats going on, another pop-up screen will appear. It's not like the building pop-up where you can hit the X to get rid of it. At first they would only hang for like 30 seconds but now they hang there until I reload the game.
  3. Nuggets not moving

    Hello! I recently started having an issue that all of my nuggets have stopped moving. Time continues but they just stand there until they die. I had a nice population going finally and now they're just dying off paralyzed. I looked at some other posts that seemed to indicate it could be due to the prison execution event, so I demolished my prison and restarted my game, but no luck they're still not moving. When I first load into my game a few will move around, but eventually they starve to death because the other nuggets are not making food, just standing in the tavern. I am running Version I have attached my save file from before I demolished the prison Pop 118.rar