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  1. Create Your Own Species?

    Hello Everyone! I played The Universim for about two years now and i decided to make a forum account just for the sake of notifying the developers of Bugs and the occasional suggestions for future development. My first suggestion maybe far-fetched but, this is my suggestion. Maybe when all the Four stages are done and we are in Beta, maybe the developers can give players the ability to create their own species or planet? As this game is in the God-Game genre wouldn't be cool if players can have the option to create their own sentient alien race while also having the option to also play as the Nuggets? This Suggestion may never be implemented but many folks do like to get creative when it comes to games. Perhaps maybe it isn't a bad idea? Besides, this game can become more populous when it comes to this type of suggestion. Idk, this is just a suggestion but i'm happy to get it out there!