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  1. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Have also uploaded my savefile latest autosave
  2. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Have the same issue with a similar sized population. Once i hit 400 nuggets i was suddenly having issues everywhere. It appeared all my nuggets were walking into the lake. Some were walking into the water to retrieve resources (piles of iron, wood, stone etc) which i dont know how they got there (maybe from the deaths of nuggets in the water?). But most of the nuggets were walking in and they were listed as 'going to eat' where they would go to one point (seen on the pic) and staying for a while then turning back. This action seemed to overtake every other action for my nuggets so they wouldnt eat or do their normal jobs, thus started dying. Ill add that i dont think there is any real reason why they would go into the lake in the first place. I dont really have my civilization across the other side of this lake