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  1. Suggestion for Lazy & Weak Nuggets

    Had a feeling it would be a very intense change. I've ignored the changes and thus far 3 games have gone kaput. Well said on the eugenic's Nazi thing. I do know that it was a very huge deal for the Nazi Party, "The Final Solution" is what they called it, which wasn't just elimination but sterilization as well. I digress, it's either by sheer coincidence or I got a bad draw of the Nugget cards, but I have noticed a significant change by getting them out of the gene pool. Hence the thinking about solutions to the traits. I actually like micromanaging things...it's one of my quirks. I'll probably keep doing what I'm doing until the stages progress further and the traits won't matter as much. As I've said, I'm on game restart 4, I ignored the traits until game 4. Huge difference. Again, could be a coincidence...I'm not sure. I haven't made it as far as the first game, but I'm very close. I'll keep experimenting, because it's kind of what I do. I'll do a few run through's, with your suggestions. The same gender marriage, I've done accidentally. Another thing I noticed...speaking of genders...both genders later on sometimes have multiple spouses of their own volition. Not sure if it's working as intending or a bug. I found it interesting. The entire game is very interesting just on an evolutionary standpoint. I just wonder if that if other players' start seeing that offing the weak links does make a difference it might become a "thing" to off them. I know just a game, but I got the suggestion from another player...I don't want the game to get a review that is bad because virtual eugenics took off. I just kind of thought, that maybe I should suggest something to offset it. I still do think our towns should have priest/esses, shamans, orators. For reasons other than just traits. It'd be fun to be able to do what the exile villages can do to us. Anyways, thank you for the suggestions, I will try them out. I know ignoring the traits hasn't worked for me for the past three games...but I don't really have luck on my side for games, in general. Unless they are table top (I probably just jinxed myself).
  2. Okay, so I'm going through the game for the fourth time. Have another thread going here, but this one is not about motion sickness. More a suggestion about nuggets. I was advised and noticed it works to sacrifice the lazy nuggets and the weak ones...I upped the ante by sacrificing the ones that eat too much because I feel when you get too many they do drain your resources quite a bit. Now I may be taking the game too seriously, but it's basically eugenics. Which doesn't set well with me. If I let said nuggets go on their merry way, my civilisation tends to fall apart. I have tons of CP points, that's a yay, but it's taking away from the game play. Although, it did help me hunt down the exile thieves and sacrifice them. Those guys, I don't have an issue with. So here's the suggestion: For medieval/stone age times...have a priest/ess, shaman, boss to keep the nuggets in line, so they aren't a drain on the resources. From Tudor up possible make a center kind of like the rehab center but for traits. I think it could be fun and a bit better than having to cull the herd of the weak traits. I really did notice a difference from the other three games, to this one where I'm taking the "bad" traits out of the breeding pool. I know it's just a game, but it does kind of bother me when I step away from playing and think about the game. I'm not an emotion driven nugget...so I got really thinking about it and trying to figure out a way to not sacrifice them. Maybe even have the option to exile them? Some kind of motivation for them to not be lazy...to try and get stronger, and eat less? Like a motivator, dietitian and a gym? That way the traits would still be there, but it would give us more to do to help the nuggets or just keep on sacrificing or if you do implement allowing to exile nuggets. Just my thoughts...I got thinking a lot about it last night after a good game session. Realized I was so busy hunting down the nuggets with the "bad" traits than focusing on other really cool game stuff.
  3. Thank you, so much for the info! Now to start a new topic, because I have a suggestion, but I don't think it fits in this thread...LOL I'm almost at the town hall and the like, I'm taking my time and really trying to learn the game thus far. I rushed through the other games...and while I learned a lot, I don't think I gleaned all of the knowledge I could have.
  4. Okay I only have had a town hall once, first play through I assigned the workers. Second time, I, again, had to assign the workers myself...no town hall. I'm on play through #5. I'm a bit meaner of a Creator, lol, sacrificing the weak and lazy nuggets...and the ones that eat too much. So far, so good. Getting close to researching shifts...not quite there yet. It makes sense, I probably didn't have enough nuggets for general labour duties. I think my highest population was near 300. That's when the stutter of the camera started, and the motion sick started kicking. So I couldn't continue on. I will have to try your suggestion @Sprool. Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not sure how much play time I'll get today, as I'm easing my way back to work so I won't have a systems overload next week. LOL
  5. **UPDATE** I've been watching the nuggets and they are doing what they are told, engineers and gravediggers. The sacrifice is working beautifully, I think I may be part nugget, I was sacrificing to where you vote for the leaders...**insert major facepalm here** After I realized what I was doing...your method is working beautifully. I have no lazy or weak nuggets in my gene pool. A lot more believers, I think they may be afraid I'm might sacrifice them. LOL I haven't had an exile village pop up but my believers are almost at 100% I think there's one baby nugget that doesn't believe, yet. He's not lazy or weak, so he's safe. I'm a cruel creator, but kind with healing.This game was a rough start because of the lazy ones that I had to sacrifice early on, but it has smoothed itself out and is working lovely. Now a question, which is a debate of sorts. Is the Shifts skill broken? I have done it every time and that's when it seems like my civilization goes to absolute hell. I'm going to skip it this time around, when I get there. I thought at first it was working, but then I noticed a serious food and water shortage. Just wondering about that. Other than that all issues I had are resolved....OH...almost forgot...another great addition to helping with motion sickness is to be able to control the brightness. That is another huge issue I have. So camera shake, motion blur (if you plan on having that) and brightness. The brightness doesn't seem too bad currently...but I don't know what the future will hold for evolving. I'm really afraid of the space travel, because I assume that is where motion blur may become an issue. I know that's a long way off, but I like to think 5 steps ahead of what could be problems for me and the rest of the motion sick people that want to play! It's safe so far...besides the staying clear of the tornado. I'm afraid of the earthquake implementation, as it could be a game breaker for me. Unless I speed up the camera and close my eyes until it's over. Not what I want to do. LOL Thanks again, and I figured I'd update you on your suggestions, working beautifully...I may have just had lazy nuggets in the engineers and gravedigger jobs. I really can't remember.
  6. Yeah, I'm kind of a windbag, or so I've been told. LOL - I'll for sure keep an eye on my hunters to make sure they're hunting. I just started a new game, I like the fact I can replay the game and it's different every time. - I did see the flags, easy when it's small, almost impossible in a city with a lot of buildings. The gravediggers and engineers are just idle, again, I'll keep a closer eye on them to make sure they're not bugged. It's more the going into the list on the left after the ticker tape has expired and it tells you everything it has said...looks like there's a link to click on the building, nugget, etc. to click on but it doesn't work. Only when it's actively scrolling. It's not a huge issue, just a possible bug? I have no clue. I want my nuggets to have the opportunity to be meanies...those exiles are bad enough...I usually kidnap them, if I can find them and drop them in a river. LOL Especially when they are doing the orators and priests. Pause game, hunt down exiles, eliminate. Pause is a life saver! - I'll be trying that sacrifice way...I was under the impression you had to throw them at the temple. I'll for sure try the dropping them over. - For motion sick, blur (which I don't think you have and hope you don't get) and camera shake is the biggest thing. When there's a tornado, I have to stay clear of it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when earthquakes come...that I know will make me motion sick. I haven't been getting motion sick too bad...I get a bit when I run into the rocks, or buildings...the auto click to go home is crazy and I can watch but if I happen to see a rock coming up I have to look away. I turned the zoom speed down all the way for when I'm controlling the camera. It is my number one concern for games...and there are many I cannot play because I get motion sickness extremely easy now. Horrible, as I used to be a hardcore gamer. I even have a special monitor to reduce motion sickness because as a digital artist I was getting motion sick drawing at one point. The lag gets me, too, but that's my end and I am planning for a PC upgrade for my art program anyways, and they oddly are very similar to a gaming upgrade. - Oh and one more suggestion...AoE for the CP powers. Like the healing and possibly telekinesis...more expensive, of course...but that would be fantastic. Okay tried to keep it less windbag. LOL Thanks again for everything! Happy New Year!
  7. Thanks for replying! I bought the game and no regrets. It does get a bit laggy when the nugget population gets too high. I do have a few questions/suggestions. I cannot for the life of me sacrifice a nugget on the temple. Cruel, yes, but sometimes it needs to be done...especially the infiltrators from exile villages. I fling them against the temple, they just hover there and then get up and go about spreading their vile words against me. I just end up dumping them in the lake. I have managed to get one, but I didn't get CP points...Is there a trick to it? I know you have to throw them...but could you possibly drop them onto the temple from a higher altitude? Which leads me to suggesting that we get the same things as the exile villagers get. Sending priests and orators to spread discord in their villages! I don't know what has been suggested since I came late into the game...so I don't want to be a broken record. More options for the camera and graphics would be nice. So far I haven't gotten motion sick, and that's a huge thing for me not to get, but I stay clear of tornadoes when I get alerted. I know this is in early access...and well done, this game has so much potential and is beautiful right now. I LOVE the narrator...he makes me laugh!! I saw negative reviews and I don't think they're just at all. I cannot wait for the next update and to be a part of the game maturing. OH! One more thing, I promise...maybe...LOL When you get an alert to the building falling apart, but are in the middle of trying to do something else, you can open up the full menu and there is blue text, a link? If you could be able to click on it from there, that would be fantastic. When it's ticker taping on the bottom right, click and you're there. After that, it's hit pause and pray you can find the building...I try and heal the buildings. Seems like the engineers and grave diggers are lazy sots. Okay more than one more thing. When you click on an animal to hunt, do the hunter nuggets hunt them? Or is that an in progress thing? So many questions. I am very impressed with the game! The hubby was ignoring it on Steam, now he's watching it and will be getting it when I nag him enough! LOL I am also very impressed that you guys are very active in the community. It's nice to see that you guys are really active with the people playing and not playing. I'll say this, it's been a LONG time since I spent my entire day playing a game...I have done that twice with this game! I'm on restart #4 and every single game has been different...sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic. Love this game, cannot wait to see where it's going and hoping and praying you guys don't change it to a point where I get motion sick and can't play anymore, I'd be super bummed. Oh and please don't go VR, that would end my days as a Creator. Thank you Magecoerlin for responding! I hope you had a lovely holiday! Manamoo
  8. Hi guys! I was wondering a few things about this game. I've been watching it for years, now. I see it's on sale on Steam and here but there are questions! Hopefully, you players can help me come to a decision. 1. Can you turn Camera shake off? 2. How much control do you have in the graphic settings? 3. Is it better to buy it on here or on Steam? Will I get more content here? 4. If yes, to #3, is the price in USD or CAD? Thank you guys, in advance. I get motion sick really easily and have been watching video's. The rain splatter on the camera, no problem...the tornado shaking the entire screen...that's the problem. I really am excited about the game and just need some questions answered before I take the plunge. I don't want to buy the game blindly and have to return it because it makes me motion sick.