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  1. Unknown Game Crash

    Recieved Exile City help message, after sending resources and accepting; quick saved using alt+F7 followed by game freezing and crashed crash.dmp error.log
  2. Creator Points Regeneration

    @bakemonHealing I have found increases love the most from my experience, and sacrificing nuggets doesn't cause that much of a dramatic fear increase as much as using a devastation power like electricity or tornado sacrificing a nugget here or there wont be that big of an issue you can can get it back with one or two heals. The number of believers only effects what powers you can use I think 10 is all that is currently required to be able to use all powers atm.
  3. Major Glitch In Tessla Dream

  4. Just a creator wheel request

    Could always implement the icon as a shadow behind the creator points like an opaque symbol