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  1. Thanks for the reply! More Creator powers in general would be nice, but definitely the tornado one.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to request a few things but mainly an option to disable tornados (and to a lesser extent windstorms). Currently, the alarm system doesn't function as intended and I get that. It's still in Alpha and bugs need to be panned out, but in the meantime, even if it's just a temporary option to disable tornados would be really nice and appreciated. I understand that some might not agree with the idea since it's unrealistic or too easy but it would vastly improve my Universim experience. Besides we have Creator abilities . If the option to disable tornados is too much to ask, perhaps adding a Creator ability to stop tornados would be possible? (awesome segway ) As it stands, when it blows through my civ and by chance hits the rehab centers (which happened twice in a row sadly lol... ) rebuilding consumes a large amount of time that by the next tornado the structure was only up 2 seasons prior to its arrival. If we can have it so that when tornados blow over the buildings it destroys, can it leave behind rubble of whatever it tore through? And from that rubble have an engineer take a lengthy amount of time to repair or have labourers using half the resources to rebuild the structure? At the moment, remembering what was built where the tornado blew through is difficult to track and remember, even with the message board notification history. Sorry if it's a bit of a lengthy read, but I'm hoping the forums is the right place for more visibility. On the official Discord it's hard to be seen when many others also have a say. Thank you for reading. tldr; Bold sections.