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  1. Refund please

    This game is beautiful but unplayable and a waste of time. I've paid £22, half the price of an AAA release game. It's too buggy, too annoying and I'd like a refund. Maybe I'll buy again when it's in some reasonable state, but it's far from that right now. Please refund my purchase
  2. Population help

    Good luck @Socks1w , may the Nuggets be with you! 😁 @Magecoerlin, thanks for the ongoing interest. Much appreciated. Though i doubt the Nuggets standing around doing nothing off shift care!
  3. Population help

    So could it be "shifts" then? It all went wrong about that time. No one is breeding, there "were" plenty of labourers, enough food and water & materials to feed a huge army and the citizens were happy. Why the mass population drop? I've been telling them to mate loads recently too.
  4. Problems with Shifts

    Similar issue, infuriating!
  5. Population help

    You say that the nugget breeding is reduced around the 150 mark. What value does it return to normal again? I, like many people had a population of around 160 and then it dramatically drops. Currently I'm in 45 and it's still dropping. It's infuriating. Plenty of food, water, happiness, resources. Spent ages getting them to mate but very few babies happening. The town I spent hours making is like a ghost town. I see loads of people are having this issue now. Also, "shifts" seems to be having an added effect to this. Any idea when this might be fixed, it's totally putting me of the game!! 😕