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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    1. Number One Feature: As a god one should be an influencer not a controller. Nuggets should be able to build what they need by themself from the beginning. The administration should just make it smarter. As a God one should only influence if needed. For example prioritise certain constructions or updates. Also the god is no employer, the player shouldn't be bothered with assigning workers. To summarize: Every aspect of construction, updating an employment could be done entirely by influencing nuggets, everything else they can do by themself. 2. What do I like: At the moment most parts of the game are nice but until now nothing exceptional. I like the looks of the game this can stay the way it is. 3. Replay value: Quest forcing decission making. Different developements for diffrent Choices. For example based on some Quest the consequence is that the next leader becomes a tyrant etc. Something like: could I avoid Hitler becoming the leader of my tribe or similar. 4. Features from other games: I compare it mostly with Black&White. Going from there the powers should be more impressive and maybe have diffrent levels. For example in B&W one could use the weather spell and let some rain clouds appear. The next level would turn the bad weather into a dangerous thunder storm and the last level added a tornado. Although most small villages were destroyed after level 2 the 3rd one was ending everything... But the first level helped since the rain sustained farms and trees or extinguished fires. The powers at the moment are a bit weak in my oppinion. Also I would like to see powers with which I could change the landscape and create animal life. 5. Micromanagement: This I somehow meant with point #1. To much micromanagement. I'm not the mayor. As a god I change weather and world to help nuggets live a better life but I don't assign them to work. Also they should really be capable to create a village by themself. The only thing totally in control of the player should be the Tech tree since it's more like an evolution tree. But from here the nuggets should build everything themself as well as assign workers themself and update the buildings. As a god maybe more prayers to respond to would be nice. This way I could open the ground to get the lost child out of a chasm or something like this. This way it'll become playing a god and not just another city builder. 6. Challenge For more challenge some kind of enemy could appear. That would be enjoyable. Demons from other dimensions trying to destroy ones creation. At the moment it feels good and if it becomes more godly it'll be fine yet not very challanging. Both things could be represented with different game modes. 7. Bugs Some nuggets seem to forget what they are doing. Not working for days or just standing around doing nothing until they die. Also pathfinding. Very often they choose for example wells or hospitals they can't reach before dying although there are others very close to them. I don't know if that's a bug or intentionally but it's annnoying. 8. Bought it on GOG so I have no idea since I'm no backer.