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  1. Healthy little people :)

    I suspected you guys had a technical limitation. How does that soft cap work? And what is your ultimate population number once the full release comes around?
  2. Healthy little people :)

    I still dont get the population dynamics. I try as hard as i can and can hardly keep it above 200 for very long.
  3. Tudor House roofs not colored?

  4. Tudor House roofs not colored?

    yes. The houses ARE supposed to be fairly brightly colored?
  5. Farms not storing food

    I'm...not sure. I've started a new game and things seem to be going fine.
  6. Tudor House roofs not colored?

    Back a few months ago when upgrading to Tudor Houses i liked all the colors, red, green, blue, etc, but now they are all gray, is that a bug or is anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Farms not storing food

    I'm noticing that as my farmers are harvesting their crops, the Nuggets are harvesting, but the farm doesnt seem to acknowledge, saying the farmer isnt at the farm, but they are. When the nugget moves to the barn or whatever to store the food, the counter doesnt register it.
  8. Bridges?

    My Nuggets started to build some houses on the other side of a lake to my city. Many died trying to build these houses (during a population boom). A bridge would have been helpful here.