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  1. Nuggets Refuse to build/upgrade buildings

    It says the save file is too big to be uploded in forums but try this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iGOX_2HKW4ncXIezMH4_OLL0ff2hkGrn/view?usp=sharing pasted the output log at least output_log.txt
  2. I have gotten to a point of 120-150 people in my village now and the game seems to freeze. i am playing on the latest V28. When you reach around 100 citizens the nuggets stop building or upgrading the buildings you place. i got almost 500 units of every material but still they do nothing. it also seems like the population stops growing.. even with all the requirements in perfect condition i never see my population count climb to more than 150. (The nuggets are building stuff, but very slow)