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  1. Nuggets go for a swim

    Ah, there's an idea I hadn't tried yet. Thanks! Update: doesn't help.
  2. Nuggets go for a swim

    Save file: https://ufile.io/1g29d Build: 27.20828 Severity: 3 I don't know how this wood got under water, but now I have a handful of Nuggets walking around in circles underwater trying to pick them up. I just assigned one of these guys to a job and it seems he is not going to ever show up for work until he has gotten his hands on this wood.
  3. NEW saves won't load

    save files: https://ufile.io/z1qqk and https://ufile.io/bren1 build: 27.20828 severity: 5 description: I played for a bit earlier today and created the quicksave files linked above. I closed the game and came back later. Attempting to load either save I never get past the loading screen. I waited at least 10 minutes on each save. A save file that was created yesterday will load fine, and it takes less than a minute.