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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I think this would be the wrong path (like the tech tree is in my opinion). I really love the happyness and fear system but why not just do it with each of the human emotions and let our civilisation research their stuff as their emoptional behavior is (may you have a good power each 100 years you can gift a technologie but otherwise you would need to uild towers and stuff so they learn fear and anger but if you put to much they will get way to aggressive etc. etc. (with this you also would have a huge amount for more god powers, like improve self coincidence and they're less depressed but not on a singel nugget more like choosing a field. Because i don't think its rational just because they have fear to not breed anymore this just makes no sense and is against nature then every species wich is not in absolute perfect conditions would die indiffrent how smart someone is and when they can build stuff i think they should be able to see their own extinction appreaching. But i'll write a better Post on this idea if it's wanted but i don't spend time thinking about an ERD and whole systems if they don't like this kind of input i mean maybe its a huge thing but more crowdfounding targets are not to late i think if you communicate it open i think people will be on it (i mean it'd be a real god game then). i would be on it and spend more than the mammoth package :). Because i'm a huge RTS lover but here you could go really new ways in kinda how a RTS works, wich in my opinion the devs are giving away a huuuge chance to make this game really unique. PS: Excuse my English grammar i'm Swiss. Edit:" Uh i love that Approach with nuggola Tesla to go further with development. this is what i really wanna see may make the quests bigger and more difficult but else amazing. "
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Alright i have to say i can't take on this survey if i don't know how long they wanna keep this game in early acces bc for me the game is maybe 20 % finished. I'm to tired right now but i'll write a feedback wich i hope will help you but i would really like to know how the "team" thinks of the dev-stage of this game. Edit: "I just saw the twitch stream i think this is a bit to less of dev time as far as i have seen ingame content (to keep the game worth playing for days). If the Devs are interested i may would have and idea about communicate and let us vote for the Task wich are not core functionalities (this would need you to be able to share a huge glimpse in the future (logically with a disclaimer that things change while development)). I may even would have an idea for the nugget desinger and stuff wich you could easly combinate making alien races or own nuggets generated kinda randomly or with a desing aspect and let the user aswell crossbreed them (maybe) or start genetical experiments (in a galaxie a long .. far far time in the future :P). I would love to help develop this game so let me know what kind of ideas, thoughts and other things you're interested about. I have a kind of a problem with my eyes so i will have a long time to dig through the forum but just link me if i may ask questions wich are answered."