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  1. I have at least 10 Iron Mines going and none of the buildings I want to build or upgrade is getting these materials and they are FAR more important than the house upgrades currently. I have absolutely every research point and I am unable to build 50% of the other buildings because I don't have the correct factories and materials to do so. This is making the game EXTREMELY tedious and boring. This is not a matter of making the game more difficult it is simply a broken system. However, I think the easy fix is simply to implement a feature that allows us to turn off housing upgrades. In fact, a far more in-depth system would be even better. One that allows us to further get into advanced features of turning off and on certain upgrades for anything and everything. Whatever you decide, something desperately needs to be done. I am literally about to give up on this until I hear of a fix. It is quite frustrating. Nothing I do helps, I am stuck in a loop of nothingness. lol. I have basically spent the last 1 - 1 1/2 hours just watching houses upgrade and upgrading research. Now research is maxed there is nothing else to do but look at the screen and hope something happens to benefit me. Basically I can't get anywhere past a cement and glass factory because houses won't stop upgrading and using all the materials I need. With that said, another good idea might be to make a priority button for upgrading buildings.
  2. I am not sure if this is a bug or what, however... I am having a LOT of late-game issues in general. One of the biggest is resource issues are buildings not being built, even though the resources are all there. The priority button does absolutely nothing. They are walking up to the building and then just turning around. They are all perfectly happy so that isn't the issue. I am trying everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. Also, it shows 3-4 people assigned to build the building but again nothing is happening. This has gone on for 45 min give or take. Also........I do have plenty of laborers.
  3. Iron not being delivered

    Agreed, there is something bugged with iron. In fact a lot of buggy problems with resources in general.
  4. Priority Fail

    I have been playing this game quite a LONG time now. The priority button works no better than day 1. It is not a matter of not have the proper supplies, or something needed to be built first, lack of labor force, or anything at all like that. It is simply broken and desperately needs to be repaired. I see no reason this feature can't work a lot better.
  5. 4 Issues

    There is an issue when using Telekinesis to transport and drop off a supply for faster build. The Green circle used to show the area for drop off is not appearing as well as it use to. I am having to zoom in and out and reangle in an attempt for it to appear and even then if you move a millimeter or sometimes on its own, it will just disappear. Then of course when it suddenly disappears, the item drops and isn't counted, so wasted God Power points. I am getting a weird message for Nuggets in a few job positions like the Small Kinetic Job. It shows LOC_"NuggetJob/KINETIC_SMALL", which I assume is some actual program language, to perhaps reassure the Nugget is going to the proper job location? When I click on the button to add a worker to a building (any building) the screen to select from among the population, at first is popping up all over the place randomly, instead of in the center of the screen. (Quite Annoying) Added: When hovering over a Nugget while selecting their place of employment, while they are currently at work to see their information. It is only flashing on the screen for 1/2 sec repeatedly. Quite (Frustrating). I am sure none of this is anything serious you will race to fix and I understand you probably have bigger things to attend to, but I thought I would bring up these super annoying little disturbances. lol Thanks "Enjoying the Game"!
  6. Grad Students

    I started a new game and paid a bit more attention, so far. I have had 2 Universities for at least 2+ Hours and I still haven't had one Graduate so far. Not even a 90-year-old. HaHa
  7. Influence war

    I approve of this post.
  8. Grad Students

    Yes, I make sure they stay full consistently. I even switch them to grad students for an attempt to push them out faster, when feasible. However, as I said, I am lucky to have a standard 2 grad students available at a time. Yet, they do not last but a few terms it seems, due to the 90-year-old age upon graduation lol. Literally, 75% of the students are in their 70's to 90's and it seems there is nothing I can do to change that. It is just such a SLOW turnaround. It seems quite a waste of time and resources really. As I stated, I have about 7 universities right now which means I am losing 28 manpower and high school grads at that. Which is harsh on me because I am already pulling the educated to the school from places like engineers, prison guards or fire departments, whereas you know, suggest educated workers, due to a shortage in population. I am honestly considering removing all the universities so I can use that manpower in more sufficient areas, where their labor will be appropriately used.
  9. Grad Students

    Grad Student turnout is sooooooooooo slow. No matter what I do I am lucky to have 2 Grad students at a time and I even have Ministry of Education and at least 7 Universities.
  10. Grad Students

    I meant to put an update and I think I forgot to do so. lol I figured out it was due to age. I literally have 70-90-year-old college students, so they are dying literally minutes after they graduate. I guess it is kinda like real life? lol Seriously though, almost every college student I have is starting around 70-90 years old and I can not find any option that allows you to remove someone from the university. I have a hundred young nuggets running around that can't get into school because all the old foggies are taking up space. Unless I am missing something, this would certainly be an awesome feature for Crytivo to add. A simple option to remove NPCs from college. lol I even tried sending them to Jail on purpose, but they seem to remain college students even while in prison. lol
  11. Grad Students

    This may be a dumb question, but.... Every time I get a Grad student from the University they last anywhere from seconds to minutes before they disappear. Is this on purpose or a bug maybe? It sucks because I obviously want the Grad students to make the University and School graduation times much quicker. They literally last seconds or minutes after I place them as professors and then they are just gone? Are they finding better jobs in another world? lol Edit: Sorry, I tried to avoid doubling down on making more than one post, but I did so on accident and yet again, I can't seem to find a remove post option. lol
  12. Military Suggestion

    One could argue that the military is indeed natural. Especially in the progression of ANY society.
  13. Let’s talk about The Universim

    You know, as i was just beginning to to play for the day, I started thinking. It would be awesome and a ton of fun if we had the capability to help influence what path students choose to go. I.E.....Science, History, Engineering, Philosophy etc etc etc. Then in the future you might consider making more side professions that may not have as much influence on the game as say, an engineer, but a person with a Philosophy degree helping to push Nuggets faster into the future with speeches and poems or maybe being a better early on leader. Someone in medicine obviously being a better nurse or Doctor. Botany Major being a better Farmer. Also, as I stated..."influence", maybe you help try to influence, but given free will, some will still choose their own path. Perhaps, some will even get angry at the idea of your influence and turn from you, lowering your believer influence bar. Those who aren't yet or believers, you won't have any influence over. Anyway, I think you see where I am going with this. lol I think that could be quite a lot of fun in building your personal "Universim"!
  14. New Game Loading Screen Issue

    Please disregard. I tried a steam account "repair game", again and it seems to have fixed a broken file.
  15. I just bought Universim and I already having issues. After I click to start a new game I get to the little screen with the animation of a universe. At the bottom right I think it says "Hold any Button", I think? Unfortunately, it is a merged with other words and I can not read anything beyond "Hold Any". I've waited 5+ min and it never goes past this screen, no matter what I hit or hold. I have tried reinstalling, repair, and etc.....everything I can think of. Could someone help with a few other suggestions? My computer specs are.... Windows 10 Intel Core i78-7700k CPU 4,20GHz 20 GB Ram 64 Bit Nvidia Geforce 1070 Video Card