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  1. Medieval era

    Could have been lack of materials or laborers. Sometimes the wrong people die off and all that is left are the people with jobs already and no one to help build/upgrade.
  2. Impatience

    There really isn't enough content on these forums to justify deleting anything.
  3. WAYYYY too many stone huts...

    I've seen someone on the forums talking about the huts become abandoned. The next family just builds a new house rather than reuse an existing one. I haven't paid close enough attention to be sure if that actually happens. If it does, you can just demolish the unused huts. Also, once you hit medieval age, the huts condense down into 'towers' (I forget the name they actually become). Similar to an apartment complex. 4 huts combine to create the new taller building, which cleans the space up a bit.
  4. New Update?!

    I know they have a monthly release, but is it always planned for the 1st beginning* of the month?
  5. Let’s talk about The Universim

    I don't believe that far has been defined or at least not to that extent, but it's been said that certain disasters will certainly have positive and negative results. For instance, an earth quake that damages some of your buildings but unearth a new resource to harvest. While I doubt that Nuclear winter will make it into the game, I do expect a few of the natural disasters to have some 'positive' side effects.
  6. First plathrough, thoughts so far

    Reforestation is supposed to be released in the October update, which will be really nice.
  7. Treedeath?

    I'm looking forward to the implementation of Reforestation. I'm curious how it will work. I seem to burn through trees like there's no tomorrow. It will be nice to continuously placing logging camps further and further away to actually get some wood. Wood was definitely the limiting factor near the end of the current content.
  8. Treedeath?

    Reforestation is one of the researches available, but it's not implemented yet. I'm assuming that's what Mage is referencing.
  9. I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
  10. Cursor offset in windowed mode

    I play in windowed mode, and I've noticed that the cursor can become offset. I have to click full screen every time the game starts. Typically I will notice that the cursor and the little backing light for it will be offset by about an inch or so. The interaction with the UI and the world goes by the incorrect placement rather than my cursor location. The only fix I've found is to un-maximize and re-maximize the window.
  11. Is it just me or is getting believers hard

    Even with throwing around Rejuv's and Jolt's of joy, I seem to be low on the believer scale. I typically sit around 1/3 - 1/2 of my total population. The rejuvenation and Jolts of joy either aren't guaranteed to make them a believer or the same nuggets keep becoming sad and sick, so I'm stuck reviving the same believers over and over.