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  1. Happiness

    First of all happiness should be distance based, and not build lots of happy buildings to offset the bad ones. Like so......... What I mean is depending of how close a building is to another should determine the happy bonus whether positive, neutral or negative. For example the Cemetery no one want to be next one and be reminded all the time, so really it should be out of sight. So if it placed near houses or active buildings where nugs work the Cemetery should give a negative effect. Though if placed far from houses or active buildings the Cemetery should give a neutral effect. Of course if nugs do build next to the Cemetery, with their houses, the building will start to give a negative effects to their happiness (hopefully the fear will drive nugs not to do this). Now Bunkers shouldn't be just negative, there a safe place for your nugs when the needed. So they should only start to give a negative effect if there isn't enough room for all your nugs. Also walking distance as nugs shouldn't have to walk for miles to get to safety, so if Bunkers aren't place around your settlement close to other buildings or houses it will start giving a negative effect. However if all that is achieved they will give a neutral effect; but it's not over in the time of a crisis when nug lives are in danger, and the settlement is taking damage, bunkers should give a temporary positive effect. Watchtowers should be neutral, until attacked in their area of effect. Now depending on where the attack happens should determine the happiness effect. If in the streets of your settlement against wild animals should bring a temporary positive effect, however if it was nugs whether good or bad die Watchtowers should give a temporary negative effect. Now if the attacking force dies before they get close to your settlement it will be out of sight and be a neutral effect to nug happiness as Watchtowers are working as intended. Reservoirs, Warehouses, Batteries, Water Pumps should be neutral. Hospitals, Farms, Hunter's Huts, Fishing Piers and Couriers Huts should be just neutral. Wells and Eateries should be neutral. However if a nug drinks from another source Wells and Eateries both should give a temporary negative effect. Engineers should be neutral. However if buildings start to decline to 40% of their health Engineers should give a negative effect, this negative effect increases as more building reach this threshold. Also if a building collapses a temporary greater negative effect is applied. Schools and the Town Hall should give a positive effect. However for Schools if more are being placed than needed they should give a neutral effect, this should be determined based on the population of your settlement. So let's say for every 50 nugs one School is needed. Also if a nug is taking time out of their work lives to study the School should give a negative effect, based on how many nugs are doing this, now if the technology Shifts is researched and the nug isn't required to work the negative effect doesn't apply. Local Businesses should be very dependent on distance. If placed next to houses they should give a great positive effect and if placed next to other buildings a minor positive effect. Now the tricky part Local Business don't like competition so if placed too close to one another they should start to give a negative effect, the negative effect should grow as time passes. Stone Refinery, Wood Refinery, Stone Mines, Gas Mines, Iron Mines and Lumbermills should give a negative effect if placed near Houses, Eateries, Hospitals, Schools, Local Businesses or the Town Hall. Wind Turbines and Kinetic Generators should give a negative effect if placed near Houses, Eateries, Hospitals, Schools, Local Businesses or the Town Hall. However if not the case Wind Turbines give a positive effect and Kinetic Generators give a neutral effect. Gas Plants should give a great negative effect if placed near Houses or Nugs working in nearby buildings apart Engineers or Gas Mines. Otherwise they should give a negative effect regardless of distance, also as the oxygen levels deplete the negative effect of the Gas Plants should increase. Now as were near the end. No nug wants to see a building fall apart from disuse, they want productivity, so if a buildings aren't being staffed to max they should give a negative effect. Now if the technology Shifts is researched the buildings don't require all the slots to be used and the buildings will go back to being neutral. However if a shift isn't being covered the building should give a negative effect, double if both slots aren't being used. If buildings aren't being powered by Water or Electricity they should give a negative effect. Nug death by natural causes should give a temporary negative effect. Nug death by wild animals should give a greater temporary negative effect. Nug death by a natural crisis should give a even greater temporary negative effect that lasts longer. Nug death by the player should set the happiness meter to zero temporary, whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Game Speed & Expansion

    As there's no forum tabs to separate all these posts, I just hope a Dev spots this before it get swallowed up. Also haven't read the posts so I could be suggesting old news. Now onto the game itself. Game Speed: Every I start a new game I increase the game speed to max as it's base speed to too slow for me to sit around watch nothing happening. So I feel the game speed needs to be increased past what the current max is to keep me entertained. Others might not feel as I do so the option to reduce speed could be given in-game as a button or in Settings allowing you to preset your preferred speed as a God. Expansion: Which I find to be the most I have issue with which is in every game. What I mean is having your settlers work on the edge city and having to travel to the center where their house is, and going back and forth. I feel an Outpost building should be created to help resettle your settler houses to move closer to their workplace to vice versa. So they would either move their house, swap places with any families in the area, marry in the same area, can choose to change jobs to be closer to their spouse or change there current spouse to better suit the issue. Lot of micromanagement that a God shouldn't have to deal with. On top of that have the Outpost building should have the ability to store 10 Wood, Stone and Food. While serving as both the Engineering Hut and a Defense Tower building all in one. Defense Towers will still be part of the game as they have a small diameter, though Engineering Hut would be removed. This is because everytime I try to expand my city's reach I always build a Engineer's Hut, Defense Tower, Bunker and Water Pit. So it would be nice to cut down on what you have to build. However the Oldowan Tools Technology will still exist though just to upgrade the Outpost, and Watchtower Technology will also affect the Outpost building. Also the first building at the start of a new game to be placed down should also be an Outpost. Building more Outposts should require technology which I think should replace where Storage Areas currently is. Moving Storage Areas to it's upgraded version placement. The image would be a fire pit, with 3 stone slabs on the ground and a slab standing upright with drawings. Oldowan Tools Technology would add a chair and table with construction plans. Watchtower Technology adds 2 watchtowers each with a flag and plank connecting the two watchtowers over the fire. Sorry I ramble.