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  1. Cefore Steam release announcement & PAX EAST

    @Kerby84, thank you for the info. I've got the one from the Crytivo store for $5.00, will see what happens when it's released to steam. Maybe they offer an upgrade to the Explosive version here or there. On the key option part, you have to choose and will either get a direct download from your games library at Crytivo (I assume) or a key for steam without the ability to download the game from your Crytivo library (is what I've done).
  2. Cefore Steam release announcement & PAX EAST

    I've already played the alpha test that was available on Crytivo website but now I'm looking to buy the game. I was wondering, if I buy it at Crytivo for $9.99 and I use to get the steam key, which version will I get? Will I get the standard or explosive version? If I get the standard version, will I be able to upgrade to the explosive version? Does anyone know this?