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    majik1213 got a reaction from Demoncookie in Tips System   
    I think one of the things that I encountered was the realization that during a windstorm nuggets will hide in their huts, so I thought that bunkers would not be required near the epicenter.  Then a tornado occurred, which demolished the nuggets who hid in their huts, even though during a windstorm they hid successfully in said huts.  I think the tip system should warn players of this discrepancy.
    I second that.
     I agree.  I think the categories are difficult to understand.  I almost, for example, wish there was just a "water" category that included well, water pump, and reservoir all in one simple location.  It just isn't intuitive.
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    majik1213 got a reaction from jiggly in Bridges?   
    First, love the new update!  Can get much further now thanks to the lumber mill allowing workers to plant trees and forestation.  Nuggets seem to reproduce more.  
    Just a thought: have you guys considered letting creators build bridges?  It would help get from point A to point B.  The water seems to get in the way of navigation.
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    majik1213 got a reaction from Gabbo1313 in Grassy patch thoughts   
    I second the positive critique.  You guys have developed a really special game and I am sure many users will like the fusion of a town management with the Black and White feel you're giving it.  You know you have a good thing if the only thing I wish you guys would do is turn out updates faster
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    majik1213 reacted to Magecoerlin in Treedeath?   
    Already have fixes for this that you'll see in the October update
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    majik1213 got a reaction from Serbanescu in Treedeath?   
    Like many other players, I too have ran into the issue late-game of nuggets having no trees nearby.  One user suggested to make remote bases to extend survival time, but when I try that, I find that new huts and homes are built only near the epicenter.  Given we cannot plant new trees or create a sustainable foresting solution yet, does anyone have any tips about getting around this issue?
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    majik1213 reacted to Socks1w in Is it just me or is getting believers hard   
    Same for me!
    Sometimes I want to speed up the process of a bldg being built so I pick up trees and rocks. Whenever nuggets get scared and go running I always say to them (out loud, because they can obviously hear me)  “But do you believe in me now?!”
    And it’s usually a “nope”.