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  1. Modernization

    First and foremost .. LOVE the game. Suggestion to developers: option to limit housing upgrades. Would be great if you could halt housing upgrades in an effort to divert precious resources elsewhere until ready for housing upgrades. I am currently stuck waiting for refined wood / refined stone to be available for other buildings.
  2. Creating Quickplay Guide for Universim

    These strategies are for v0.34 (flat world or cheese ball) End-game building construction: during new building construction, there is a bug where if the blueprint has trees or stones upon its foundation, iron won't be deposited, even if over 50 laborers are available. While normally nuggets will remove trees or stone in the way of a foundation, the bug is that a scaffolding animation, which usually occurs in response to resource deposition, will ensue, in essence making cutting down trees or mining stone inaccessible to the nuggets. In other words, nuggets will deposit initial resources such as refined wood or refined stone, but be unable to deposit other more advanced resources after the scaffolding animation ensues. A hint that this bug is occurring is that there will be an enormous amount of supporters without any real construction going on. Each support will show up to the construction site and, after a small amount of time, simply leave. Use telekinesis to remove all trees/rocks from the construction zone, and the building will erect. You may need to change the angle of your camera to view otherwise hidden rocks. Currently, it is unclear whether the bug is related to the need for iron or if iron just so happens to be the last resource deposited, the latter case being that iron won't deposit simply because it is typically one of the more advanced resources that isn't deposited first; usually, wood and stone are, leading to the scaffolding animation sequence. End-game housing: Whether a nugget uses a vehicle or travels by foot seems to be related to their place of residence. So, demolish tudor houses and stone huts after you reach industrialization so that nuggets will erect modern housing and, therefore, use motor vehicles for transport instead of walking. End-game power: windmill energy is unsustainable later in the game owing to lack of larger turbines and larger batteries. In general, there are protracted periods of no winds or the occasional wind storm. Wind storms overwhelm the windmills, making them unable to generate power. What's more, there seems to be a bug that, even after the windstorm recedes, the windmills still fail to generate electricity. This bug can be resolved by saving and reloading your game after the windstorm ends. Choose a different energy pathway, and be sure to balance any sadness or pollution appropriately (ie, with cosmetic buildings or using forestry god power).
  3. Bug?

    Not sure if this is a bug, but there are a plethora of supporters, bountiful resources, and yet nothing is being dropped to support construction of this building? Also, if this is a bug and someone has already pointed it out, I apologize for double-posting and not searching the forums ahead of time ..
  4. Bridges?

    First, love the new update! Can get much further now thanks to the lumber mill allowing workers to plant trees and forestation. Nuggets seem to reproduce more. Just a thought: have you guys considered letting creators build bridges? It would help get from point A to point B. The water seems to get in the way of navigation.
  5. Bridges?

    Oddly, the splash screen presented in opening the game of a world with admittedly all the inaccessible structures shows bridges, so I thought that was forthcoming for sure. Thanks @jiggly for the tip! For the time being I will electrify women and children first who dare reside in houses across thin lakes hehe.
  6. Grassy patch thoughts

    I second the positive critique. You guys have developed a really special game and I am sure many users will like the fusion of a town management with the Black and White feel you're giving it. You know you have a good thing if the only thing I wish you guys would do is turn out updates faster
  7. Treedeath?

    Thank you!
  8. Treedeath?

    Like many other players, I too have ran into the issue late-game of nuggets having no trees nearby. One user suggested to make remote bases to extend survival time, but when I try that, I find that new huts and homes are built only near the epicenter. Given we cannot plant new trees or create a sustainable foresting solution yet, does anyone have any tips about getting around this issue?
  9. Treedeath?

    Did both, no dice.
  10. Nuggets not reproducing

    Oh thanks for pointing that out! Yea as you said it isn't yet clear but great to know it is functional. I wonder if there is a magic ratio of laborers to total population to have at any given time, though I doubt it stays fixed given the dynamic needs of the society.
  11. Nuggets not reproducing

    Thanks for pointing this out. I really wasn't aware the town hall had any function at all at present. Are you by chance pointing out those +/- signs next to the governor slot? If so, then those signs are not labeled and I'm not sure if in this build they have any function (I haven't noticed any difference when playing around with them, for example.).
  12. Tips System

  13. Tips System

    I think one of the things that I encountered was the realization that during a windstorm nuggets will hide in their huts, so I thought that bunkers would not be required near the epicenter. Then a tornado occurred, which demolished the nuggets who hid in their huts, even though during a windstorm they hid successfully in said huts. I think the tip system should warn players of this discrepancy. I second that. I agree. I think the categories are difficult to understand. I almost, for example, wish there was just a "water" category that included well, water pump, and reservoir all in one simple location. It just isn't intuitive.
  14. I agree to NeroVice's concern. This update seems very intriguing; however, there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out before implementation. To be completely honest, after doing a few playthroughs, I have a mentality that the Nuggets are doomed from the start, that it's only a matter of time before the population crashes due to nearby resource availability being too low. In this sense, if this update were rolled out Oct 1, then I would be glad when the Nuggets left, viewing it as a sign of intelligence that they knew they would never have survived under any playthrough anyways, given the imbalance that currently exists. I realize that features are planned in future releases that may address these imbalances, and my hope is that the developers prioritize such updates before rolling out this exile update. I barely gain enough followers as it is, even when I do the tasks to get more followers. I also help building with Telekinesis and that doesn't seem to convince anyone. I have at most 20 followers at any given replay, and my Nuggets stop reproducing after a while due to the resources being too far away so they are constantly spending time walking long distances. Reforestation should be implemented first or some means to allow Nuggets to reproduce. One option would be to create a feature that forces nuggets to prioritize reproducing if the population falls below a certain value, and this feature can be implemented via one of the ministers. Another option is to allow the erection of multiple epicenters to decentralize the base. In this way you can make multiple mini-bases amongst which couriers can deliver resources. I guess the big question is, with so many players already struggling to maintain their nugget population, do we really need yet another way to cut down the population by having Nuggets leave your village? We can barely get enough as it is, so there needs to be some rebalancing for sure before the new features are rolled out. I personally maxed out at 130, but I do admit that other players have gotten farther along, most notably one user at 220 (way to go!). For the love of all that is holy, please let us plant trees or sustain nearby forests so our nuggets don't die simply by walking to death. I call this bug "treedeath," because it is a silent disaster scenario you never realize until it is too late. Once the population starts to deteriorate, other factors like old age compound the issue and, after a point, recovering the population becomes impossible if your base is already too big (requiring them all to take on positions such as engineering, watchtower, rather than acting as laborers). Nuggets also have a real pathfinding issue that needs to be tweaked because they judge on linear distance rather than actual path length. So, for example, a Nugget may judge a tree as nearby, even if a lake is between the tree and the Nugget, forcing the Nugget to take a much longer path to the tree of interest. In that travel, the nugget ultimately spends less time reproducing, and it almost makes you reluctant to throw in a couple same-sex relationships (but the feature is really sweet!). With the ministry features, I hope that there will be a way to set caps on certain resources, although I must admit having an excess of resources hasn't really been an issue, so that you can make nuggets work more intelligently. Said differently, I predict that with rebalancing the game there will be problems with warehouses that max out on resources that aren't needed (eg, I noticed in one playthrough I was gaining a ton of food relative to wood and stone, but that my overall resource counts were still low as per usual, and I realized that if rebalancing is implemented, then one day my food excess would be a real problem). I feel that such a feature would be relatively more simple to implement than the exile update, and more useful as currently I think a lot of players struggle to keep their populations growing. There needs to be a way to mitigate the damage tornadoes do. Maybe advanced research could offer a forecast tower upgrade that can show the path the tornado is predicted to take, so that you can set up bunkers intelligently if they aren't present. Or a god power that blocks the tornado, as presently there is one for creating more twisters. (Right now, the last thing I feel I need is more ways to demolish my fragile village lol!) Tornadoes always seem to strike the village surgically well. The alarms don't seem to work on the Nuggets until the task at hand is completed. Often, for example, I find myself toggling the fishing piers to force the nuggets to sail in after activating the alarm. Otherwise, they will continue to fish until they are done fishing, even if the alarm has been blaring for over a minute. I feel like this is an alarm "bug," and that sounding the alarm should cause the nuggets to drop what they are doing and run to the bunkers. @4685578525, I love your suggestions! I really think that if the developers focus on your concerns first before implementing new features, then the gameplay will balance out much better, making the exile update more enjoyable for sure.
  15. Cant find Material Refinement Please help

    It should be there. Literally in the middle and I believe it is required before progressing down the tech tree. It should be before the quarry and logging upgrades
  16. Struggling in wood production and population

    @Adrianna can you tell me where you found the "reforestation" technology in the tech tree? I'm so dumb and cannot seem to find it :\
  17. Controls and Camera need tuning

    Your concern is definitely well-rooted. I too agree to your desire that the panning system be a bit faster. I find myself zooming in often to increase the panning speed, or even worse, tossing telekinetically picked up resources accidentally when trying to pan.
  18. Nuggets not reproducing

    Definitely old age .. but if I understand the poster's original concern correctly (and I certainly may be misinterpreting it here), there is an imbalance between death and new life. I think that, in the absence of a prioritization system (like the one in Oxygen Not Included), the only real way around this issue is to stop building new structures until population rebuilds to a desired number. If, by accident, the player is too ambitious in building new structures, then the colony will rot away, so save often for now until this issue is resolved!
  19. Nuggets not reproducing

    I completely agree that this is a major issue. My population for no apparent reason went from 65 to 24 and literally killed me because all of the buildings started siphoning laborers, making that job essentially a void. Also, when I went to force reproduce the nuggets, the remaining individuals were all of the same gender. A complete imbalance that, even if you are the best of players, destroys your colony for no reason. This issue should certainly be addressed before any new features are rolled out.