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  1. November Happy Patch on MAC

    I second the black square of death. although helps with god powered funeral arrangements, it’s an eyesore if you’ve been neglecting the nuggets.
  2. Forgive me if this is a duplicate. after playing 3,4 iterations of this game the lengthy intro has lost its charm. Following the universe creation screen, the generously lengthy intro video should offer a skip option so that a seasoned player can just get straight into the game and skip the narrator’s pointless speech.
  3. Feel Like I am Missing Something

    hey, this is because the game is still under development; the tech tree is currently only available to middle ages. The tech tree gets pretty thin after government. You will see in the tech tree, technologies that can't be acquired in that version of the game have "Coming Soon' as a dependency. it would be great if Crytivo released a road map, so we know when to expect these technologies to be rolled out. Don't quote me, but I think I heard they plan for a monthly release; although these will most likely be iterative builds rather then large chucks of functionality it will probably be a combination of new features and bug fixes.
  4. Scenario Running on MacOS 10.13.6 via Stream at build Given zooming in or out When using a Apple Mouse Then zoom rate is too fast and difficult to control Notes For now, I've remapped the zoom to the + and - keys on the keyboard. Although this offer better control, the speed of the zoom is still far too sensitive.