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  1. Nuggets Pathing Bug

    Title: Nuggets will walk around a lake instead of between two, in order to reach destination Build version: V26 Description: Alright, so in in the current savegame I'm playing, there are two lakes, and a short gap in between them. The nuggets originally began to built houses just after the gap between the lakes. From there, I assumed they'd walked through to get to that area. After a while I noticed they were walking around the lake to get to the area, and I was confused as to why. From there I figured out that the paths created from the main town had them walking around the lakes rather than in-between. I'm sure you guys can figure out why it'd be a problem. Reproduction: Nothing happened on my part, they nuggets seemed to decide this as the game progressed The only thing I did, was expand on the civilization being built to the right before I noticed the issue (as you may see) Relevant images and saves: (Red is the path they take, Blue is the path they "should" take) (It won't let me upload a save file or the logs because of the file limit, so this'll have to do for now) (Realized that using windows inbuilt photo editor makes the file size too big for it's own good)