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  1. Nuggets not reproducing

    When the nuggets are in school they don't seem to ever leave so they can't reproduce until they finish their education. I have a hypothesis about build orders and work assignments negatively impacting the birthrate that I explored more thoroughly here: https://forums.crytivo.com/index.php?/topic/57996-struggling-in-wood-production-and-population/
  2. OSX Glitch Texture Blinking colored

  3. Struggling in wood production and population

    The steps are only if your population starts falling. If your population has never fallen, there is no point to taking these steps, though I am curious how many of the 170 nuggets are assigned.
  4. Struggling in wood production and population

    I think I know what the issue with population is, not sure if this is intentional on the part of the game designers, or just a side effect of how the game works. It seems like the nuggets only reproduce when they have enough free time, and things like build tasks and job assignments cut down on their ability to do so - they still reproduce but they will do slow more slowly, and the population will take a hit. It looks like having excessive builds is the main way to stop them from reproducing. These suck up nugget time, make them grumpy, tired, and cause injuries - all of these prevent them from mating. Also, nuggets WILL NOT reproduce while they are studying in school. Additionally, I've noticed that the population will start shrinking when more than 40% of the nuggets are assigned (kind of a low number imho), and it will usually be growing when fewer than 30% of the nuggets are assigned (you have to go through your lists and count these numbers yourself). Between 30% and 40% the population slowly rises or falls. Once the population starts falling dramatically you can enter into a death spiral because unassigned nuggets automatically become assigned and the birthrate decreases even further. Couple this with the fact that the older nuggets are ageing out and the bodies will start piling up. Another thing that can trigger it is lots of upgrades, like when they start building tudor houses the birthrate plunges. I've managed to pull out of a death spiral twice, but the population will continue to fall for a while even after corrective measures. Here's what I would do to stop the bleeding, in order (only progress to the next step if the problem isn't solved within 10 minutes or the population continues plummeting): 1. Stop all new construction tasks - these suck up precious reproduction time, and once they're built they often create new assignments (the only possible exception is the entertainment (forget what its called) building if you don't already have some because it doesn't create new assignments, it's small, and it cures nugget depression, another potential weight on reproduction) 2. Reduce the staff at all buildings to just one nugget 3. Shut down non-essential nugget buildings, completely lay off staff at refineries and mines - you're not building anything... 4. Shut down excess farms and fisheries - you don't need to feed as many nuggets, and I find these tend to produce surplus food anyway 5. Go down to one school 6. Shut down all buildings except for engineers, cemetaries, and eateries 7. Start demolishing unused nugget houses, try to consolidate around a small number of engineers so you can use less infrastructure and get away with fewer engineers 8. Go down to just one chef at one eatery if not there already 9. Start laying off engineers and repeat step 7 as needed. While this is annoying, and I'm assuming unintentional it does add a level of strategy of the game, and I don't think is necessarily a problem. As for the wood production, I have the same problem, my nuggets have deforested half the planet and it doesn't seem to grow back. I think this can compound population issues because they need to walk further for resources, which means less reproduction time.