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  1. So if my Nuggets choose a leader and the leader dies soon after he got elected is the boni (+15% creator points as example) also gone?
  2. Ask Us:

    Hey guys. One question: Is it possible to add a feature where i can choose what type of nuggets can work at which place? Or lets say "set my preferences"? As example: If i could set my courier buildings only to "Surefooted" nuggets, when available, this would be great. Or only "Immune" nuggets working as Doctor. I think you understand what i mean Greetz
  3. Description: So there's a storm and i activated the bell at 4 min before the actual storm.. Seems like all Nuggets are in Bunkers but 20+ Nuggets die at the same time and the ingame-log just show 9 of them. I never had this before so i think it might be bugged. Version: 27.20828 Savefile: https://www.zeta-uploader.com/de/24192612 Virustotal from the Vid (if u don't trust me): https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/ad0853b7d353c53255a8b4894e3203206d96f68eb9769efd87767815674f98b1/analysis/1538780621/ *ignore the graphic when the Video starts. I compressed the video so it looks a bit weird at the begin avc_TheUniversimBugSturm1.mp4
  4. New Update?!

  5. Looking for Crops

    Doesn't work when it's Winter! THe Crops get destroyed. Try it in spring or summer. Both worked for me
  6. lakes and trees

    If u do the last upgrade of the reservoirs the amount of water saved doesn't change. Hope u understand. My english is shitty x)
  7. So i started the game and it crashed while loading.. After i closed the game and launched it again it looked like this(can't even move the camera): edit: On a scale i would say it's a 5. V26 https://ufile.io/bgz2c - Savefile Greetz
  8. Struggling in wood production and population

    I don't need these steps and i'm currently at 170 population.
  9. Ask Us:

    Hello. Are there any plans to add a overview for the different zones? Like engineer, watchtower etc. ? Would be great if there is a feature where i can check this with a few clicks Greetz