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  1. So if my Nuggets choose a leader and the leader dies soon after he got elected is the boni (+15% creator points as example) also gone?
  2. Ask Us:

    Hey guys. One question: Is it possible to add a feature where i can choose what type of nuggets can work at which place? Or lets say "set my preferences"? As example: If i could set my courier buildings only to "Surefooted" nuggets, when available, this would be great. Or only "Immune" nuggets working as Doctor. I think you understand what i mean Greetz
  3. Looking for Crops

    Doesn't work when it's Winter! THe Crops get destroyed. Try it in spring or summer. Both worked for me
  4. lakes and trees

    If u do the last upgrade of the reservoirs the amount of water saved doesn't change. Hope u understand. My english is shitty x)
  5. So i started the game and it crashed while loading.. After i closed the game and launched it again it looked like this(can't even move the camera): edit: On a scale i would say it's a 5. V26 https://ufile.io/bgz2c - Savefile Greetz
  6. Struggling in wood production and population

    I don't need these steps and i'm currently at 170 population.
  7. Ask Us:

    Hello. Are there any plans to add a overview for the different zones? Like engineer, watchtower etc. ? Would be great if there is a feature where i can check this with a few clicks Greetz