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  1. God Power Generation, Followers

    After having played 17 hours I've noticed that the generation of God Power mechanic is completely opposite of what it should be, let me explain; When I use God Power to satisfy my nuggets needs then the God power goes up, but I've been satisfying my nuggets needs by using buildings rather than God Powers. When nuggets are getting everything that they need without the use of God Power, I get no followers. On the contrary, if I were to intentionally not build any buildings to satisfy their needs so that I can manually satisfy their need every time something happens, then my God Powers go up. What I'm getting at is that the game punishes you when you're building efficiently and providing for all the nuggets needs. At the latest stage of the process the few followers that I had declined from 25 to 14 with a population of 147. Can you imagine trying to micro manage their needs using only God Powers at that population amount? Complaints without a solution is not my policy, so I'll make a suggestion as well; Make the God Powers generate for the % of satisfied nuggets in the civ. for example: 10% of nuggets satisfied = 10 % God Power generation. In summary I just think it makes more sense to be rewarded for keeping them happy and healthy rather than letting misfortune befall them only so that you can pull a false flag operation to appear benevolent because that's the only way you get God Powers generated.