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  1. You assume they changed the direction of the game when it's still in pre-alpha ...
  2. I hope you missed the amount of people they can work with at this point. All this takes time, the more people they can hire the better but hiring people also takes money and area for them to work, equipment, it all costs.
  3. You're being arrogant now. So they could hire a wizard that will write the game for them, how much of it would be theirs ? How would they learn for next projects ? So you're not a programmer ? I wasn't too, but I did that thing when I started to learn C# If you don't write something yourself (and this project on labyrinth is a great start) you'll never learn how to do it right. In addition hiring someone who is vastly experienced would cost quite a bit. That kickstarter money would drain rather quickly. Do you know why Divinity Original Sin was done not on time as well ? took quite a while to do it, initial time was way out of their reach. But once the game gets to a certain point it just gets easier for two reasons, majority of game is done, majority of assets are done, it's then easier to focus on coding. DoS2 took even less time to make because they already had a chunk of experience. If people leave and others come it takes time and prolongs the production. There are programmers out there that are good at their job and deliver games faster, but they have much bigger resources to work with. Can you name a 12 man studio that promised a game and delivered it on time IN WORKING CONDITION ?
  4. How much of what I wrote you actually read ? How much of what I wrote you actually understand ? I understand you being impatient for a product that looks great but takes more time and effort than it was expected. Writing an AI script is no easy task, I'm fairly sure they are working on it, but before they can implement it, the majority of the game needs to work properly in the first place. The AI script will not ignore performing nugget tasks if they are broken or bugged, those will be performed despite being broken or bugged and the game will collapse causing bluescreen because of memory leaks. Before the AI script can be implemented the game needs to be in a fairly working order with all assets in the game. Your lack of understanding how AI in games work shows you have zero knowledge to par with your zero patience. I have a suggestion for you. Install Unity engine and write a 3D visual Labyrinth where you move the ball by moving the labyrinth. I give you a month. You are restricted from using google, or any other resources, buy yourself a book on C# or borrow it and do the mage in a month. Well talk after you do it. Simple game, one level. Get to it. Maybe then you will understand how programming works.
  5. I believe I can answer several questions the OP has about the pacing of this game production. I am a game developer myself, although on a much smaller scale than this, I started recently and I work on the very same game engine as the universim, notably Unity. The lot of you are accusing the developer team and studio of slow pace, lack of information etcetera. Truth being told, it is incredibly easy to make a video of what you want to achieve, the video is a scripted motion picture, an animation made in Unity engine is even easier to make. Have you ever wondered why cutscenes in so many games are so fluid and look so good ? Characters showing different expressions etc ? this is because of a very specific set of definitions. Making a cutscene or a movie in a game is actually very easy because you only worry about using the assets to perform specific simple tasks: For example, running up to another character, make a conversation it's all just model scripting to perform movements in a simple singular cell, for moe most part in many games cutscenes use predefined spaces but some games use an active environment for more realism, lets look at it here: This is as simple as it gets, you'll never see majority of assets used in this scene in the game, actually after the scene the building for the chantry is still standing and can be seen in some moments, despite just being disintegrated. Making a movie is simple, in the movie for kickstarter trailer we saw the vision of the game, however some of you claim that 10 people is a lot to work on a game. You know what ? 12 people is a project team, not a game making group that can make a game in a year. THAT is unachievable. Most game studios that get a project running have a team of around 15-20 people working on a project to present it to the CEO and decide it's fate. Now lets see at an independent studio rolling credits and lets count how many people worked on a game: You say 12 people is enough to make a game in a year ? Witcher 3 took 2 years and look at how many people worked on it. But OK, that's Witcher 3, it's a second sequel, they have the money for it right ? Fine, lets look at Witcher 1 Credits: If you still believe a 12 men group is a studio strong enough to make a game in a year or so, I congratulate you your ignorance. I dare say the builds we are getting are doing just fine, I don't really care how much time it gets to make this game to it's finale. As long as I get to play it actually. Now to put the salt on the insult by OP. We get builds to test, you know what that means ? Of course you don't, if you did you would never wonder. A test build is given to outside testers to test not how the game actually works but how it works with hardware at specific stages of production, we report bugs that usually don't show up on the main test machine (lab) and this is the important part of making a game a working system. Pre-Alpha testing will determine what is not working correctly before they even push for another milestone. Another reason for releasing builds is gathering more feedback to determine if the direction of the game is moving forward properly. Me and my friend are making a mobile app, 2 people working on it, want to know how long we are doing it ? 7 months now, and we didn't even get to graphical design yet. Self thought C# scripting, it takes us ages. But if it wasn't for C# we wouldn't be able to go that far. I'm kind of grateful this game is being done with C# because it's a great language, much simpler code, smaller in space, games made in this language look so damn good I could lick them and they are actually small for the design. If Monster Hunter World was done in C++ it would be 70 gigs size, seriously the language is good, but highly inefficient, C# is four time better, contains both javascripting and C++ to make best use of object handling. Top it off with Unreal Engine 4 design specifically for C# (handles very well all other languages as well, but it excels with C#) making it incredibly suitable for high quality graphics games. Unity is a great engine too, especially for games like The Universim. Personally I think this game is great and the pacing is just fine if the team is 12 people, I kind of know where the game development actually is already, and I am giddy to see the final product. @Kerby84 Your posting about pre-alpha builds, if you have an AI algorithm that will make Nuggets do and use the technology on their own, share it with the devs Cheers. The Feedback from our build testing is telling the devs enough about what to prioritize on the later AI implementation builds, it takes quite a lot of time to write a script handling 200+ nuggets to perform the way described in the kickstarter, it is not the most pressing matter at this point. The Idea is to show nuggets how to build so they can eventually do it themselves, look at the exile villages, buildings just pop out of the blue, it's not like things just happen on their own. It's hard enough to make pattern for pathing for nuggets so they know where not to go and where to go, and a much harder thing to make in-game objects to do what you would expect them to do on their own. People without leadership will just cause anarchy, we have introduced leadership for now, but it will take a slightly more advanced leadership to make things go the way described in the kickstarter. This is why the Government is researched, and I think I stressed enough by now how badly research is being done, in the later builds this too will get fixed but they can't just fix everything at once, it doesn't work that way. There is always a checklist to do things in order and everything is being addressed in it's time. If they had 50+ people they would probably be able to do 2 things at once and make builds containing more solutions. -Resources -People -Time -Result Doesn't get faster.
  6. So since there is an option to colonize other planets in the grand scheme of nuggets evolution, I decided to give an idea on how to menage that. Since in colonization situations micro and macro management might actually not work as intended, I think a DOME is what is required. When Nuggets decide to colonize another world some requirements must be met: -No Exile Villages (merge/elimination) -Home world must become fairly self sufficient so that Creator is not immediately necessary. (a form of active church with people trained in dealing with stuff etc.) -Homeworld Supplies -Technology Nuggets will have to build a colony ship which will look like a dome for approx 50 nuggets. There will be a few animals and some trees etc. The thing is Nuggets will need to stay in a dome until they adapt to new environment, and the creator will be helping them. To help Nuggets adapt, nuggets will have to interact with new world, which means exploring, gathering resources, planting local plants and eventually experimenting on eating local specialties. Those in turn will make them sick and Creator will have to be careful and heal them, that way the offspring will be able to adapt easier. The Nuggets will be able to leave the dome and start their lives outside in the alien environment when they adapt at least in 70%. Dome will have a cap of 80 nuggets after landing. New planet means new resources like new metals, new food, etc. Trade with home world. Nuggets will build a trade ship that will move around from colony to Home World. Eventually Nuggets will build a space station that will look ridiculous and all ships will go to and depart from it, new center of civilization. New UI: Space Exploration. In here the player will have access to summaries of all planets under Nugget Imperial Control Epicenter (N.I.C.E.) Player will be able to use this UI to check on resources and nuggets population and ratio without a need to go into the planet detail (go to the planet itself) Also from this menu player can redirect trade ships. After the construction of space station (requirement: at least 3 colonies) the epicenter is moved to the space station (in case of it's destruction the epicenter goes back to home world) From here on out the player can menage Nuggets and their conquest of the universe, friendly or not, here they come!.
  7. Healthy little people :)

    I might come up with an idea and tell you in a different topic.
  8. Rest House [suggestion]

    you're very welcome
  9. Rejuvenation power.

    I'll do this asap over the weekend as I don't have much time on hand. I really wish the forum had an email notification of replies because I come here not as often as I would like to.
  10. Engineers forget their duties.

    I will upload it as soon as possible. The case looks like this, I assigned all shifts, but the nuggets assigned instead of doing repairs they simply do laborer work all the time or just stand and pretend to talk (unless they discuss work ethics or how to do their jobs I am going to call the boss, wait I'm the boss). In order to make this something that is not a glitch that will go away I will try to reproduce this on a new save. Probably on the weekend or on the monday.
  11. nuggets pick up objects in the sea

    Actually this is rather easy to reproduce as it happened to me several times. I would try reproducing it this way: Build a fishing Pier (or upgraded version) Build Warehouse near water Now Nuggets should attempt to pick wood(?) from under water as they have access to it. Solution: Restrict Nugget access to water area by invisible wall, the only way to access water from there on is via the fishing boat or space craft (or be dumped in it by creator) If Nuggets can't walk somewhere they can't access the area. Personally this glitch is funny and it shows the level of silly of the Nuggets, it's kind of charming in a way, but I see Nuggets walking through water to get to other places. Makes me giggle really and doesn't bother at all, shows how resilient the Nuggets really are XD
  12. Rest House [suggestion]

    I would like to suggest this idea, as it becomes apparent that with 200 or so nuggets, quite a few will be old geezers and die while working their nuggets off, I would actually like this implementation since at some point a majority of old nuggets will be more of a hindrance than help. A single rest house would contain up to 20 old nuggets (or maybe house them ? :D). Once the town hall is built and ministry of health is implemented it would become an automatic function built by nuggets and old nuggets would occupy those or be moved from their houses to the rest homes. The general issue is that at this point the nuggets don't use logic in terms of age, old nuggets should technically be slower and weaker, bu the only indicators towards age is the number and possibly grey hair. Currently the game only uses the age as expiration of the unit, due to that the unit works as normal (but is not allowed to reproduce at some point) and while doing it's work, whatever it is, it would die, sometimes while carrying a precious hard to obtain resource like gas or iron. If they are sent to the old geezers house they will stop working and lose cargo or even fall down from the weather station, and clutter the area with their remains.
  13. Healthy little people :)

    Question ! I see we can tap dots on the sky and some of them happen to be planets. I suspect eventually we will be able to traverse space and spread the goodness of Nuggets throughout the space time continuum. Wouldn't it be better to limit planet pop cap to 500 or so ? Including the exile villages (I have 4 already and they seem pretty empty) that would give a soft cap of 1000 but if we cap it entirely to 600 WITH exile villages it would open opportunities to merge villages as a requirement to open space travel in the future because you can't leave nuggets that can possibly go to war with neighbors on the same world. Many of my nuggets started dying off due to old age so I'll post a suggestion regarding that in teh suggestion topic.
  14. Rejuvenation power.

    This power doesn't seem to work very well with repairing buildings, I understand the building decays faster when used a lot, but when I timed a specific building with power vs engineer effects I realized the creator power decays 3x faster than engineers work. I used it with a building that was not used very often as I intentionally left it unmanned and disabled, the decay is much slower when a building is not used at all. The first time I used CP on it it decayed within 2 in-game days but when I let engineers repair it it took a whole year for it to demand attention again. Building used for this was a watchtower which I purposefully left unmanned. For some reason Rejuvenation power allows a building to decay much faster. Is this a bug or is this a glitch that I somehow encountered ?
  15. Engineers forget their duties.

    I just noticed that despite having 14 engineers huts upgraded to host 2 workers per hut my buildings maintain their wrecking state. This seems to be connected with the research "Shifts" as when I assign shifts to engineers they stop working entirely as engineers and become laborers while occupying the Engineers hut. This doesn't Happen before the "Shifts" research is done.