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  1. I worry about Nuggets

    During research I often see that my Nuggets discover something during another life-death experience. I'm not a parent irl but even I worry when I hear stuff like this, and they do it all the time. Do we need a psychiatrist or something ?
  2. Medieval era

    First thing that came to my mind is this as well. There's also another problem. Auto-Upgrade buildings are on the LAST place of the tasks list for laborers, if there are any other upgrades on the list or buildings to be built they will take priority despite anything. Even if you have resources to upgrade your buildings it will take time to transport them and start the upgrade, since Houses can only be upgraded by their owners they will only be upgraded by them in their free time (that means if the owners of the house are working in a fishery for example they will take the time to build the upgrade when they are done with their work in the fishery) and sometimes the house upgrades will be completed by another laborer if you have a town hall. I suggest building couriers in 3 places of the village to cover the area faster and checking the task lists and simply not worrying. It will be completed on it's own pace. Swapping to middle age brings many autonomous upgrades and a lot of manual upgrades, this needs more attention from the developer to make upgrades autonomous once the town hall is completed and a minister is placed in a designated area, for example a minister of water should autonomously flag all water related upgrades on his own so you don't need to do anything about it anymore. That's what Autonomy was supposed to be like since 3 patches ago.
  3. [V27] Initial thoughts.

    So I'll start with the news and how I see the game developing so far. The update cleaned up a few issues, which is great I must say, the graphical level somewhat improved or that may be me not playing the game for a month because I was busy. I like the icons on notifications now, I know what they represent so it's easy to decide to skip or read. I like how I can check a Nugget to see if they are my faithful minions or not. I experimented and it's easier to impress the Nuggets than before, that's a good thing. My first use of lightning kinda surprised me, but it also scared the hell out of my Nuggets. I can clearly see some buildings went with some major overhauls, that's very nice actually, I haven't built all that many so I don't know the scope of the improvements but so far so good. I'm yet to enjoy punishing Nuggets so I'll put that off for later. Unfortunately this is where the praises end. Despite many posts the research is still an inconsistent pile of rubble, it's even more chaotic now than it ever was. Dependent research is placed early in the tree while it's requirement is deep in the forest, normally if you have a requirement for something you put the dependencies behind it not before it. It surprises me that algorithm makers don't see it. You guys are programmers and you use Algorithms in your game yet you do not make a convenient way of presenting Dependencies and Requirements. Since you insist on doing the research despite my concerns and many posts about this with which many people posting here do agree, at the very least you could make sure the research tab is consistent, the placement is convenient with requirements AFTER the Dependencies, and sorted properly with divisions instead of everything depends on everything else. Dividing research tabs gives more flexibility and allows focusing on specific tasks instead of chasing after food research while abandoning clean water supply. Water and food supplies are equally important so I don't see why fishing which was historically developed AFTER hunting because it requires more advanced tools should be before Fishing and fishing should be a hunting dependency. Current: Fire>eatery>fishing>something>something else>hunting Should be: Fire> Hunting >Fishing>Eatery>upgrades As I already explained this several times, there needs to be more divisions, less dependencies, consistent requirement Followed by dependencies and more focused work. Currently there's total chaos in the research tab and this is a huge problem. You also extended the research timers which is not a good thing. Saving games is still bugged, although a reinstall of the game does fix it for some reason. Some of the graphic options still require a game restart, if you do not want to focus on that how about making an external setup for graphics adjustment so people don't need to run the game twice just to adjust their graphics setup, most games allow anisotropy settings to be changed without restarting the game. I honestly don't remember a game that required me to do that last time.
  4. Suggestion v1.1 (Autonomy and Interaction) Debate Open

    I tried that, was stuck with 7 worshipers. I seem to generate more when I am busy building stuff. If casting spells was all it took to get believers I would have a 100 of em. We need a fix on saving games cuz this is broken, I was last able to make 3 saves total in a single new game.
  5. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Actually if you research the might perks early on the Nuggets get more Might gains as they age and as they work in specific workshops, so they gain more Might while working by the end of their days. I dunno why they moved super fast though but I did get the Might thingy on a few nuggets. This is why I proposed to change the Might stat into Skill stat or add a Skill stat that is dependent on the workshop. For instance the same Nugget will have lower Skill stat in Lumbering Lodge but higher Skill stat in a Fishing Pier. Skill stat simply improves the rate at which a Nugget works so the higher it is then the better the results.
  6. Nuggets not reproducing

    I can understand that but it's by far way too late in the game, town hall should be an Upgrade to a Village Chief and the autonomy of the nuggets is nearly nonexistent. I can understand that at this point you simply gather data for the best autonomy of the Nuggets, but if the game remains this way in the end game then there won't be any autonomy and players that backed this game will feel completely disappointed. My suggestions solve most of the issues, but there are probably more pressing matters on hand like games not saving or being stuck in save state. Some of the buildings are pointlessly too far in the research tabs, the watchtower for example is probably only useful if the Exiles become hostile since it's purpose against wild animals is nonexistent because a single nugget cannot hold off a pack of wolves, which are the only hostile animals from what I can tell. Watchtowers should be a separate research and not necessary for further research other than upgrading it into an outpost. Many research points are simply wrong in the order of things. Which is yet another point towards Discoveries system instead of Research, Discoveries can be stimulated by the player, some ahead of times and some just as the Nuggets need them, this would encourage the player to interact with Nuggets on a more subtle level, inspire them instead of tell them what to do. Placing buildings also seems counterproductive for autonomy, nuggets should build what they can when they need most, if not enough water then they build another water pump and so on. Doing things for them is not autonomy but yet another economy/strategy game. I am lucky to have Black and White 2 and I am still playing that game, and I can say that if Autonomy is the goal for this game it can really be much better than that one. And I hope it will because this is so much fun.
  7. Nuggets not reproducing

    The biggest problem with the Town Hall is like with most things in the research screen, by far and far too late. The Research screen is in dire need of sorting and dividing into sections if the game is to have a research tab, although as I said before a few times, discoveries would be much more entertaining while the player pushes Nuggets in certain directions. The town hall should start as the village chief hut early in the stone age once more than 30 nuggets form and should also be a discovery. But I still am unsure if any of the Developers read through the suggestion changes I proposed. If the game is to be about the player passively pushing nuggets around the research tab is pointless. That tab is sure welcome in the alpha/beta builds to experiment and gather data for AI controlled scenarios, however if the end game is to give Autonomy to the nuggets then a system of discoveries would be much more entertaining because it would mean the player is using their powers to direct the nuggets in certain directions. You could even implement the exclusion system like with the turbines. It would be nice to know someone actually reads those things.
  8. Yups, some stuff needs to be resolved before the exiles come out from under a rock (pun intended) To be honest 220 pop is actually easy to make, the problem is this quickly becomes 40 simply because of old age. I laughed hard recently when I wanted to rejuvenation spell on a sick nugget and used the scroll mouse button to reach it, didn't look at it properly and selected tornado, well, A Nugget was SOMEHOW saved right? RIGHT?? I also wonder if there is a way to mitigate or counter a stray tornado, usually I play the BULL on it and try to push it away with sheer force, throwing rocks at it didn't help, if I could use a fireball and toss at it I wonder if it would become a fire tornado, would be fun. As for followers, my top highest score was 34 and boy, did the death of old age wiped nearly all of them. I really think there should be a cap on power points that player can use outright and cooldowns on powers, more followers = faster cooldowns. There was only one time I was able to use SEASONS CHANGE power, it's freakishly expensive but unusable early on. Using Trickle effect on crops and fruit makes them regrow but does not work on trees, there should be either a power of regrowth or let Nuggets discover seeding trees, a new kind of farm or placing the farm on forested area could allow growing trees as unique option, could also be enabled by sending nuggets to school and once they get educated and sent to farming in forest areas they discover this option (I'm sticking with changing research into discoveries) and learning to reforest once Lodge is built, add +2 slots 2 peeps will cut trees and 2 will regrow them. Fish farm is necessary and was also something that our ancestors did in the far past, maybe not in stone age but they did. I want Pig Farm, Like the ones in Settlers 2, best pig farms ever. @majik1213 Thank you for your kind words, once a new patch comes out I will look at the contents and see what else can be improved and will of course share it on these forums. If a game can be better with suggestions from fans it will make it a much better success and the developers will earn more so I think it's all good and a win-win.
  9. Nuggets not reproducing

    Two things there. First: Save is broken, it sometimes stops working entirely. Second: Death is very balanced, many young people may not know this from school but in the stone ages average lifespan was between 30-40 years, after the discovery of fire and cooking meat that lifespan started to steadily grow. The discovery of fire had SUCH a big impact on humans that it directly influenced our Metabolism, to the length of reducing the length of the Intestines which allowed humans to spend less time chewing food and more time on hunting, gathering and surviving, building huts and making babies. Just harnessing Fire influenced our lives quite drastically, and it's actually the first of two discoveries that changed humans so much. The second discovery was wide range communication in the forms of radio waves and internet soon after.
  10. Nuggets not reproducing

    That reason was probably old age, wild animals on a hunt, some disaster or Nuggets being Nuggets
  11. Suggestion v1.1 (Autonomy and Interaction) Debate Open

    It's precisely what I had in mind, the INFLUENCE and DISCOVERIES systems are complex and not just "lets wait a year and see what happens". No, the player has much more work to do, quests, or requests popping up as prayers from followers which would lead to the Creator to eventually employ a church to handle the minor stuff while they deal with the big things, the game would eventually lead to Nuggets exploring the universe and that is one of the turning points in the game, the player basically has a very limited time to control the direction in which the Nuggets evolve, and when they do go into space, the player should go with them, which leaves the Church and the doctrines to deal with the Mother World Nuggets. Initially a player would think, oh so I only do this and that when they come to me, but in reality, the player needs followers and the more followers the more prayers and problems to deal with and the need to direct the discoveries route. This is what I meant by COMPLEX, this would complicate the game quite considerably, not having direct control over the course of the evolution but only prodding the nuggets in a direction we want them to follow, will they become carnivorous berserkers in the universe or will they become peaceful is all up to us to decide, and it's literally not a simple matter. Every discovery, every decision and every autonomous construct made by Nuggets will decide where they go. Alternatively we can let them do whatever they please and see how that end up, however if the player loses all followers they will die out because no god can live without believers. This is what I really loved about Black & White games, those were truly masterpieces And I wish this game a similar or even grander success. The less we interact with Nuggets directly and more indirectly the more interesting this becomes.
  12. Since a lot of users want more Nugget Autonomy I think the Developers (overgods) might have a problem actually meeting this demand. I mean, I can totally understand not forcing Nuggets into hard labor may be a problem, but still, we need solutions and not just ideas. So after performing a sweep of surviving Nuggets (some may notice in my other posts that Nuggets had an epiphany in my village and decided to ditch me into afterlife) I decided to part in the debate and throw a few ideas that actually might work. If Nuggets are to have complete autonomy then interaction with them, or influencing them, needs to be re-worked. I made a suggestion in one of the other posts that there should be a sage that would deal with research, but after some deliberation with my inner creator, I think that wouldn't be entirely solving the issue of player "poking" at research direction. If Nuggets are to have full Autonomy, the player can only prod them into a correct direction but everything else is to be researched on it's own. For example, I don't see a point in researching buildings like Farms, Stone Mines, as those need to be DISCOVERED. I think the Discovery system would benefit the game more than RESEARCH because Nuggets would be able to randomly discover to fish, farm and cure injuries. The player on the other hand needs to create opportunities for said Discoveries. For example a Nugget is traversing the woods and encounters a small wild animal, if the player is observing this then they can "prod" the Nugget to attempt to capture the animal, if the Nugget has enough Might or Skill then they will succeed and discover HUNTING. The Discover system might bring much more fun and a lot more complex and enjoyable gameplay because the Players will feel bored if they don't interact with Nuggets. Making the game RTS and making the player decide what is built where is pointless in a game where the player should be a creator and influence the Nuggets. Discovering more complex materials will automatically call for building a place to process them and instead of making 2 or 3 buildings they could build a single one that processes them in less safe environment, and after they discover that it should be safer to work then they implement changes on their own. Interacting with Nuggets on a much different level is more interesting in my opinion.
  13. Nuggets not reproducing

    That's pretty much the issue. We overwork them. This is also why they need full autonomy.
  14. Dire Nuggets Request!

    I noticed a very strange phenomenon among my beloved Nuggets. I had a very serious outbreak of old age in my village, suffice to say, from 168 nuggets I have 27 remaining. I think I gave them too much work and they forgot to enjoy the only thing enjoyable in life... that is Black Tea. However new Nuggets don't take over homes after dead Nuggets, they simply waste time and effort on building a new one in my case at least. A nugget will take over a house if they are FROM that house. I, upon consulting this with my Nuggets, decided to appeal to overgods (developers) to enable a simple option in the preferences menu: -Automatically destroy empty housings. This will prevent Nuggets from spreading too far and will allow for better understanding the lack of arms of the Nuggets. I think ...
  15. Possible glitch

    Believers (followers) die first in queue. The oldest Believer will always die before an older non-believer granting the non-believer a few moments of life. I just lost ALL believers because they were old, I had over 150 power so I created a tornado in the middle of the village and instantly gained 15 OLD BELIEVERS.