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  1. Not sure if this helps, but have you tried building more pumps? On my 1st world, I had everyone sick from drinking from the lake. On my 2nd world, I focused on getting 3 pumps and wells as fast as I could and the nuggets stopped drinking from the lakes very early in the game.
  2. Sad nuggets

    I had my whole population die of sadness on my first world. I realized I was focusing on getting all the research available before moving on to the next levels, so I took too long to research the shops which help keep the nuggets happy. On my 2nd world, I got the shops faster. I think 1 shop per 25/30 nuggets is enough. Now I rarely see nuggets with sad yellow icons.
  3. Upgraded Fisheries causes unstoppable fishing.

    I saw this happen on my first world. I wasn't sure if that was normal or not, so I let them be. Eventually, they became floating corpses. The new fishers that got assigned did not show this issue. I haven't seen it happen since.
  4. Fishers dying of thirst & hunger

    I just saw this happen with both fishers in the same fishery. First, I got a notification that a fisher died of thirst. I went to the fishery to see if it had been replaced and I find the second one just standing in the stairs and the entrance and then it also died of thirst. I kept playing, then saw the same bug on the lumberjack mill some time later. The lumberjack was standing in front of the entrance, with the red thirst icon. I tried using the kickstart power, but nothing happened, so I picked it up and try to gently drop it next to the well. After standing up, it went ahead and had a drink and hasn't gotten stuck since then.
  5. Nugget Death Tip 1 of 2 Text

    I got a couple of these weird text tips, but I can't determine what's causing them. I've only had them happen once in each of the two worlds that I've played, but they showed during different tips.