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  1. Suggestion : You make your world

    I agree with you we should be able to create everything to feel like a god in the game and also control everything too.
  2. A very aged nugget

    Rest in peace old lady.
  3. I think it's a nice idea.
  4. Heaven and Hell

    You need to read more about the game before commenting they already said they are looking into adding a crime system that involves prisons, executions, and rehabilitation centers. https://forums.crytivo.com/index.php?/topic/57708-learn-more-about-the-universims-steam-release-what-to-expect-and-whats-coming-next/&tab=comments#comment-84279
  5. Heaven and Hell

    It's not hard to determine who is good and who is bad in the game you are playing as a God so you obviously know everything about your nuggets it's simple to answer your question you should have a list for every nugget about the good and bad things he or she did in life good things like if the nugget was helpful to other people, was praying and obeyed you, didn't cause harm to anyone, was engaging in charity you know like that and the bad things like if the nugget was murderer, thief, drug lord, didn't pray and didn't obeyed you and caused harm to other nuggets.so if the nugget good things was more than the bad things you would send the nugget to heaven if you want and if the nugget bad things was more than the good things you would send him to hell if you want that's of course if you want to be a fair God.
  6. Ask Us:

    I think because you play as a God in the game you should have absolute power and you should be the God of the nuggets and aliens and everything and you will have many choices like letting the aliens attack the nuggets or crush the aliens by your God powers or maybe halting the attack by nonviolent divine intervention like having the ability to influence the aliens decision and make them change their mind so they just don't attack the nuggets.
  7. Heaven and Hell

    What do you guys think to have the ability to reward good nuggets after they die by sending them to heaven and punish bad nuggets by sending them to hell that would be an afterlife reward and punishment you know like sending a prophet to your nuggets to inform them if they obey you and did good things in their life they will be rewarded in their life and in the afterlife and if they do bad things they will be punished in their life and in the afterlife too to encourage nuggets to do good things in life and deter them from doing bad things.