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  1. My ~20 hour impressions

    Those are some interesting ideas. Here is a cool thought: that during the adam & eve stage of the game, that the choices you make for your villagers could have repercussions in the later macro stage. Like I found it a little nifty that after enough families pop up you can add last names to villages. So you give a particular villager a surname, and you can watch that grow and move around in future generations. I think if nuggets had some traits (maybe minimal, not something as deep/involved as RimWorld for example) like aggressiveness, and you had some choices in the early game that involved deciding whether to force the nuggets to do things at the expense of their happiness (like be more efficient, or do something they don't like) might become more aggressive/resentful, and as a consequence later on the game their dependents are more aggressive, and more likely to cause conflicts or wars. This would go along nicely with the original trailer that suggested nuggets could be influenced to be peaceful or war mongers. All of that is rather moot though. At this point, after 4 years of development already, I think we will be lucky to get a decent game play experience of a half way decent city builder. I really am getting Godus vibes from The Universim after playing it, which depresses the hell out of me. I really hope Crytivo prove me wrong.
  2. UI question

    Well, I wasn't referring to the second circle (the one with the purple paw) That one actually had a tool tip saying it was how many believers you have. It's not in the picture (was cropped out) but on the right of that circle (with the purple paw) is the icon for the selected creator power (telekinesis (three arrows) here) and on the right of that is a little black field that has a number in it, which I thought was for creator points. But the number changes when you select different creator powers, leading me to believe there are different 'types' of creator points. Or maybe it indicates how much it costs to use? Not sure. But the number will turn red if you run out. It would make sense if it was cost. Just annoying that it took several forum posts to even come to that realization. I really hope they clean up this game's UX issues.
  3. UI question

    I thought the creator points were next to that icon on the right of that image? There seems to be different types of creator points for different creator powers. So are you saying that 36 is a pool of all the creator points I had? Ugh... Just so many annoying things in this game right now. Death by a thousand cuts.
  4. Improve Camera Responsivness

    I originally posted this on Steam, but I'm reposting it here, because I really feel this MUST be fixed, and I want the devs to see this. My single biggest complaint (immediately after the broken save feature) with the game right now is by far the camera and it's controls. This is a Ruins-The-Whole-Game-Experience type of gripe. Get this wrong and it can seriously damage the entire experience of any game. I know others have mentioned the camera before, but I definitely think it deserves to be brought up again (and as many times as is necessary in the future until the devs understand how truly awful and annoying the camera is to use) During the course of the game, the player really needs to move the camera around quite frequently, and it feels absolutely dreadful. The 3 biggest issues with the camera are: there is a significant delay between when the user moves the cursor, and when the camera center actually gets to the cursor's position. Most games / 3d programs are created in such a way that this is instantaneous. The cameras center is always almost exactly where the cursor is. This is the norm. Any delay can feel sluggish and constraining. Usually a delay is the result of performance issues and not intentional. That is NOT the case here. Here it is clearly the desire effect. There are no options to turn it off, or adjust it via some kind of sensitivity setting (where the maximum value means the camera exactly follows the cursor and behaves as any other game/program). There is no reason for this other than someone on the dev team is forcing their preference on players. Universim players are apparently expected to like or enjoy this type of sub-par experience. The camera movement speed is far too slow. The faster speed using shift is still too slow. Both should at the very least be doubled. Again, this should be a setting somewhere. When the camera is zoomed out far away from the planet, the camera speed should be greatly increased to compensate. At that distance I would expect to be able to quickly rotate around the planet. Instead in Universim it rotates the same speed as the camera would move while on the ground, which is painfully slow. All of this combined makes it truly a chore just to move around and navigate the play-space, and is CONSTANTLY in my face while doing ANY TASK in the game. The default controls are terrible, and there are no options for adjustment. Please download and try Google Earth, and hopefully copy their camera controls. That is the proper way to implement a responsive, pleasant control scheme that focuses on a planet. I know exactly what kind of effort goes into make a change like this. It's not an unreasonable request, and I see absolutely no reason why this cannot, and should not be fixed. This is so unendingly annoying to me as a player that it literally hampers any joy in the experience of playing the game. I don't know Crytivo well enough, but I choose to give you guys a chance to fix the major issues that are dragging the game down. It's not fun to play right now, and the camera is at the top of my list of complaints. However, if the developers refuse to make any effort here, I will push for a refund. Can you tell that I loathe the camera in this game?! I think it's necessary to impress the sheer hatred, to make you FEEL how STRONGLY AND DEEPLY ANNOYED I feel with this kind of implementation of camera navigation. Just how much it gets in the way of playing the game, for NO GOOD REASON. It's detrimental to the game. It's detrimental to your profit margin $$$. Fix it.
  5. UI question

    Mystery meat navigation, anyone? I thought the green arrow was wind related, but your post now has me wondering if it's a directional indicator (which is useful how exactly? the planet has no poles or sense of up and down). The curved bar underneath is a complete mystery. Changes color, changes how full it is. I have similar questions for other always-on-screen UI elements. What is the number in the big circle on the upper left? And the food bar has two numbers, not sure what either one means, or what the color coding is meant to mean. At least the water usage bar has tool tips to indicate what each number is.
  6. God powers are not user friendly

    Made a very similar post, with related points over on the steam Game Design Issues & Suggestion Forum. From my Steam post, I'd like to point out a problem I had when I started playing: The Create Powers only work when time is unpaused. This is unintuitive to a new player. It was unbelievably frustrating trying to figure out how to use Telekinesis for the first time. I paused my game (because nuggets were running around doing things I didn't want). I wanted to give Telekinesis (TK) a try. I select the TK power, but I was completely unsure if I had it selected correctly because of the poor UX. I try to use TK, but I get no indication from the objects I try to pick up that anything is working. NOTHING HAPPENS. I spent 15 minutes convinced there was a serious bug and that telekinesis was broken. I spent half that time googling around trying to figure out if anyone else was having a similar situation. Eventually I figured out that you need to unpause the game. That the Creator Powers don't work while ingame time is paused. This by itself was unexpect and unintuitive (we could have an entire discussion about why this is kinda lame). The bad UX compounded my confusion in a way that resulted in 15 minutes of pure frustration to do something that was so simple and intuitive in many games I've played before. And NO. A tooltip, and a wiki is NOT A SOLUTION HERE. It's bad UX. Fix the UX design! To fix it, you need to make it drop dead obvious to the player, whether the game is paused or unpaused, that the desired creator power (TK) or building is selected and active. SUGGESTIONS I second Aztuk's recommendations for UX tweaks: add a cursor icon indicating the active creator power is currently selected good highlighting of the object that is being targeted by said power, to further demonstrate that the power is active and what it will act on, BEFORE executing that action. I would also like to point out that if these two fixes are applied, then the white spinner that appears while using TK becomes redundant. It indicates TK is active DURING it's execution. Good UX (proper highlighting) would remove the need for this (and the guess work it creates for the player), meaning the spinner is a time waster and should be removed. I have an additional suggestion I'd like to add to Aztuk's list: Selection menus disappear when an item on that menu is selected. This applies to buildings, and Creator Powers. It should remain on screen, until either A) another menu is opened, or B.) The player expressly closed the menu. Furthermore, when a Creator Power (or building) is selected/active, there should be a visual indicator on the selection menu highlighting the selected/active Power/Building. This gives a secondary way to indicate that the power/building is in fact selected. Also, it means that the player does not need to perform 3 carefully aimed clicks to re-select the power that was just used a moment ago. Cities Skylines actually implements all 3 of these points as has been suggested here, and it's perfectly straight forward and intuitive to use. Had any one of these 3 points been done correctly my little 15 minute frustration episode would have been entirely avoided.
  7. So saving the game is the most important thing...

    Same issue here. Completely game breaking bug.
  8. Feedback and bit of ranting

    After playing for 4 hours, I agree with your points.
  9. My ~20 hour impressions

    I will second most of your issues.