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  1. SUMMARY Game crashes after clicking 'start new life' REPLICATION Start game (from command line or steam, with or without steam overlay) Theres some music but with a black screen (presumably splash screen not loading) Then menu appears - rotating planet and all (very pretty) Click on 'new game' Game exists while displaying cute loading messages OS mint 19 (based on ubuntu 18.04) fully updated (2 day old fresh install as it happens) GeForce GTX 980M with nvidia 390.48 drivers OTHER NOTES Missing libs messages in Player.log The\ Universim/The\ Universim_Data/Mono/x86_64 only has these files: libMonoPosixHelper.so libmono.so Tried uninstall and re-install, and verification no change *** There are two other reports like this one attached to even though they are not for a mac and they are reporting a different problem. Perhaps @dissonance and @Haeffound 's posts should be moved here? or maybe they can just '+1' with a link to their other post Player.log
  2. linux: game crashes when starting new game

    @breakingmatter Aaaarrgh! thankyou - I saw many copies libsteam_api but I also saw another missing lib in Player.log, so I didnt bother trying. At least one of us doesnt give up so easily @Haeffound I can confirm breaking's fix works - looking through my file system i notice tabletop simulator has 64bit version too - and I think that is free. Otherwise Rivalry is very cheap and you are suporting an indie dev who is still in high school (or at least he was when I met him at PAX Melbourne) and that has it too. Now if you peeps will excuse me I'm off to play the game
  3. Black screen when launching from Steam

    @dissonance and @Haeffound and anyone else who comes here with our linux problem I have created a seperate post for this, as the behaviour (and the OS) is a little different to this one.