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  1. I have the problem again guys. I know about the patch, see my previous posts. Seems the problem is back. It worked for quite a whole tho...
  2. I can confirm this doesn't work. I had 1 save-game. Overwrited and still the saving in progress box hangs. See the screenshot attached
  3. Do you mean in Windows or in-game?
  4. Here's an update that might help the developers fix this issue. I have been complaining about this before, see the link below from one of the other treads. I've started over again for the 4th time now because the previous 3 times this bug happened and I cannot progress anymore. My last time was when a tornado hit my village and killed like 9 nuggets, its at this point the bug kicked in. Then just now (my 4th time starting over) again a Tornado hit my village. This time I had auto-save set to ZERO but still this bug happened. To me it SEEMS it's the Tornado causing the bug to happen or maybe because lots of nuggets get killed and I even saw several nuggets got scared. My guess is that it must be one of these events that seem to trigger it. For you other gamers maybe keep an eye on these events when this bug happens so we can verify what seem to be causing this bug. It's really frustrating because you can't really progress this way. Here's the link to the other tread: EDIT: My friend had exactly the same thing now. We were on Discord so I know exactly what he was doing before the bug happened. Guess what.... A tornado struck his village, killed several nuggets. Then I asked him to try to save the game... Nope - it wasn't working.. He also had the auto-save set to zero btw. So no auto-save was on. PLEASE PEOPLE, look out for this bug and report here if the bug started when a Tornado struck your village.
  5. Can't save the game.

    If you wanna help the developers you can attach the log file. One of the admins asked for it yesterday in this post: Its the answer from @Magecoerlinyou need to look for.
  6. Can't save the game.

    Guys, I have the same problem and maybe can be of any help. I reported this on Twitter as well but now I have an account here and think its better to post here instead of Twitter. Let me explain what I tried to resolve the issue. I started over for the 3th time after having the save-game bug and even lost my entire save-game files. Yes, I backup-ed my save game now but when I start playing I can't even save the game anymore after 5 minutes of playing which means im stuck now. Which means there is no reason for me to play but I'm aware this is the Alpha so I try help in any way possible. I know my way around with computers and tried several things like: 1) validating files via steam. 2) renamed the save-game folder in "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim\" then pasted my save game files I backup-ed earlier. 3) Demolish and rebuild the Archive structure in-game. 4) Turn on/off the auto-save feature at the Archive building. 5) Un-assign and assign the nugget at the Archive building. All of the things I tried I tested several times but without any result. I really wanna play this game and I know other people are suffering from this bug as well, but not everyone which is weird to me. Any ideas?? This really needs to be fixed in order to test this, without progress we can't test. P.s. I shall attach the file @Magecoerlin asked for. output_log.txt
  7. Game Failed to Save/Nuggets standing still

    Edited: Moved this comment to the correct forum: