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    Hi! Just bought the game in your Steam early access debut -- congratulations on an exciting, new game -- looks great. I come from a long line of godlikes, citybuilders, resource gathering, etc. Looking forward to following along your progress. I have some thoughts from my first 2 hours in the game: Water control. Water generated/Water stored is pretty clear -- what's not clear is how much will be needed in the future. I ran out of water in the winter despite "some" pumps and "some" reservoirs. It's not currently intuitive how much water per season my village uses. Wells vs. reservoirs and their use. It's unclear if villagers drink exclusively from wells. Therefore it's unclear if I should spread them throughout my village. The tooltip seems to warn against building too far from water pumps, but is that meant to deter me from building many in each stone hut neighborhood? I don't know whether water is needed, and why, and how to handle it. Building placement. Using "q" and "e" to rotate isn't intuitive - tooltip Using "shift" to multi-place isn't intuitive If there are keyboard shortcuts to bring up the builder menu and the submenus within it, they aren't known Making the builder menu disappear when you select a building to build means often returning to re-open and re-find the building you want. The 6 categories of building aren't intuitive. It's hard to remember the difference between an Epicenter building and a Resource one. When I'm placing a new graveyard or engineer, seeing the AOE of the other ones is helpful. Why isn't that the case with all other buildings? If I'm trying to maximize food coverage, it would be helpful if all existing food places glowed or became illuminated to show previous placements. The role of each building is unclear. Am I doing anything by adding eateries? Population Control I like the idea of breeding to get desirable traits, but it's too difficult to sort through all my nuggets. Once I had more than 4 nuggets, identifying each one and isolating them to pair with a different nugget was difficult. Once I had 70 nuggets, it was impossible. It's very difficult to tell which buildings need workers, and which don't. The small flag next to a building isn't sufficient. Menus/GUI I LOVE the sorting function in the menus. HOLY CRAP YES. The downside is that the window size doesn't change, and only 10 results per page, and the numeration/clicking through pages is somewhat awkward. The GUI could be improved by auto-jumping to the top of new pages when clicking through sorted results, at least. Being able to sort buildings by worker makes finding buildings w/o them easier. But ALL buildings without workers are listed -- including those that don't need any. Sending those to the bottom, or sorting them differently would make finding buildings w/o workers much easier. Progress In my first two hours, it was hard to tell what "progress" looked like. I wasn't responsible for telling the Nuggets where to build their houses, and I couldn't tell how many pumps/reservoirs/wells to build, so I was left just... watching. I'd wait til a new research came available, build its associated building and then... watch. Something that more clearly explains what "progress" ought to look like would help, and a clearer picture of what very early-game is meant to be would be helpful.