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  1. a little help pls

    yes the one with the temples is a good ideas cuz with powers only you can Forget it.. i got 130 Nuggets on my save of wich just 25 believe in me, still very fast generated power but i want more… i forced already all of them to marriage and make it rain sometimes, lift up Stones and make them fall again but nothings seems to help :/ nah anyways going to stop playing until they solve that damn saving issues but staying on track!
  2. Feedback: My very (un)fun experience tonight.

    its the System, it seems to generate every disaster for each planet from scratch like: ´that planet got alot of wolf attacks.. hmm this one not.. yeah that seems to be a good idea aint i a good boy..´ you guys get what i wanted to say i guess xD on my current planet i was playing like 10 Hours or more on triple Speed and had only one wolf attack at the start of the game (on another planet they didnt stop attacking..) might be cuz i love my Wonderful planet and am cleaning it from those dirty dogs with my bare hands i all throw into one damn lake feeding the whales.. alot of that time i went akf and didnt even worry About anything, my Nuggets are smart enough and they got alot of water for the winter what i also noticed was how the random generated storms act and those you cast.. the random once dont harm anyone it seems but mine.. holy yezuz i accidentally wiped half of my civilisation now that was a pain to get back on the feet a Tornado was running ´once´´ yeah once through my whole neighborhood straight hitting some houses and poof Nothing happened.. think just three Souls lost their lifes but to heartattacks while playing scrabble in their retirement villas
  3. So guys, i was following the Forums in the Background a while. Always reading crytivos promises here and there and yeah i was one of those who believed them, because human tend to believe in stuff like god, church and yeah. but.. is it just me or did actually Nothing Change ? for me it seems like its the same old game they gave us months ago with the same old Bugs and the same Nuggets. Nothing i see is really new (except that new `inventions hub´ that is actually useless as it can be acting on its own and so on) That ´new age´ seems just like a Show.. or just.. call it scam to get ppl to buy the game because it was in the last build of the game too (except a few Upgrades) and serves no real reason. yes its an Alpha and so on but come on is there really like just one Person working on that game? on an part time Job? Nothing is Happening, Nothing new is coming and this after months yes ideas.. ideas here and there dont Keep People from starving, Actions do, and i myself dont see any Actions here what About you guys? i had big hopes for that but i burried them along with my 130 Nuggets wich i killed with my own Hands when the game didnt wanted to save last time.. they loved me but when the ship is sinking my Crew is gonna sink with it!