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  1. My ~20 hour impressions

    - Stretch out the early game while giving you interesting things to tinker with. - Connect even more to the initial 3-5 families and the idea that your actions are having an effect on them and rippling down generations. Mark them somehow (yeah last names as default would be the obvious solution!). - Give all job-buildings an adjoining house. When a worker dies one of their children takes their place. Now you have the farmers, the shaman family etc., lots of little stories linked by the buildings. - Base villagers' mods on what god powers you use to help them. Enough cupids and they get a bonus to twins, telekinesis enough materials they get a bonus to carry capacity, telekinesis enough villagers around and they get a bonus to movespeed. Deliver enough meat/veg they get bonuses from eating it or hunters/farmers work faster... likewise wood, stone, get one smoking enough herbs and he hallucinates a degree (squee-gee that third eye...). And massively increase this effect in the beginning, so your Adam and Eve pick up mods really quickly, then tail it off to almost nothing so you create a kind of 'mythic' age where the basis of your culture has been set but you can still change destinies later on if you try really hard. - Ooh I just thought. What if your set of powers changed too? So in the 'mythic' age you got these short-lived biblical powers that had a massive effect but they get taken away one by one, as the camera pulls out, and replaced with more general, indirect powers? - Regular night-time just gets in the way but you could use the effect as a kind of challenge mode. A meteor hits, it all goes dark for a season and the animals go crazy. Or actual nuclear winter...
  2. My ~20 hour impressions

    The early game micro is fun because it's personal, because you have the time to appreciate what you did and because at this level of simplicity the opening is like a big soft puzzle that's fun to solve. You have your two villagers, named by the narrator, you watch them build a house, you make them fall in love and have babies, it's a little story you made. You use a bit of power to speed up the reservoir or do the hut building thing and you instantly see their lives become better. Solving the mechanics of the opening and making the little story of the villagers dovetails into something that makes you viscerally happy. That ends after 4-5 families. You're zapping the nearest pink and blue and zooming off, smashing down huts to make way for progress until everyone is just white = ignore, red = bad. What story you're making now is on a city/continent level but you still only have the same old fiddly tools. The story and your agency in it are diverging but you're stuck with the same odd jobs you were doing when they made you feel happy. This is the time I think the 'camera should pull back', literally and figuratively, give you more tools/reasons to manipulate the planet/weather/ecosystem/chunks of the city/mass psychology of villagers and just generally reduce micromanagement. It is super hard suggesting fixes tho, you're right it's much easier to be mean!
  3. My ~20 hour impressions

    I think there's too much micro involved in assigning workers (especially early on with hunters and fishers and then in what 'late' game we have when you're all over the place), too much when using your powers to get everyone mating and when sweeping up dead bodies and healing (to make up for your sloooow graveyards and hospitals). Also special mention goes to optimising traits for jobs, even though it's just more assigning workers, because it's so annoying to do. No-one wants lazy engineers, right? Water is an ongoing, uninteresting pain. When it gets to the point that you have to be building pumps the entire time why bother with the mechanic at all? All it's doing is punishing you if you don't press the button every couple of minutes. There's no interesting choices to be made around it, either you make enough pumps/reservoirs so you can ignore it, or you don't and everything stops working. All these mechanics and building assets and stuff just seems to signpost that *that's* the game we're getting. And that even when whizzy space stuff comes it's basically going to be the town micromanagement sim in space. Of course I don't want a screensaver, but I was expecting more abstraction, less fuss, less numbers, a wider view, looking through the other end of the telescope... like a god game...
  4. My ~20 hour impressions

    It's called 'The Universim'. Most image searches show a starry sky, comets, meteors, a pleasing panorama-world globe, zoomed out, all relaxing curved shorelines and glimmering lights. The blurb talks about being a god, managing planets, what would you do with the power? This all set me up to believe the game was one way. But, as you can probably tell by now, this is another thread about how it's the other way. Tl;dr - I don't want to play a survival RTS, I want to play 'The Universim' [waves hands expressively]. - Too much micro, I don't even feel like a town planner, let alone a god. I feel like an odd job man. Juggling too much busywork that I don't care about. - Most buildings feel too big when trying to place them. Makes using space efficiently, and building in general, frustrating. Many buildings (hospital, graveyard, wells, archive) could have a much smaller footprint. - Villagers building their houses and bonus buildings just anywhere. If this was a god game, fine. This is an RTS, so obviously not. - God powers can be tricky to use and there aren't enough interesting uses for them. - Tech tree is a bit of a trap (easy to go wrong) and most techs aren't very exciting to get, there's an awful lot of teching up without really going anywhere or changing the way the game works. - Village turns into endless grey sprawl, can't tell the difference between anything. Looks ugly and bitty. Would be better if houses got bigger and took in multiple families/buildings terraced themselves together or... -... Or your basic buildings were more efficient/could be upgraded quicker, rather than having to build a dozen of everything all over (for example, a basic hospital that more-or-less always has a doctor in it, or a basic school that can teach more than 2 (!) pupils at once). - Stop it with the water. Just... please... stop. - Night-time in an RTS! Doesn't add anything, it's just annoying as ****. Let me see my stuff please. - There's room at the bottom of the screen for all the resource icons, you don't have to make us choose. - 'Nugget' is a stupid word and I'm never going to use it - I remember when I got that Sonic 3 cartridge and could finally save video games. What a leap forward. Archive delenda est.