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  1. Updater/Server Bug

    In my case, there is no antivirus or firewall running (they are more trouble than they are worth). The game wasn't already running, and the internet access was fully functional. Unfortunately, and I have no idea why, but launcher-debug.log is empty. 0 KB in size. So either logs were never created, or they were overwritten. More likely, it was overwritten. When I check the properties, the file was last updated last night when I was finally able to update. It was created when I first installed the game. (If you still want it, I can send it, but date information might change and there's nothing useful inside the file) So, there seems to be a bug as well that when an update occurs successfully, the log file is cleared. That's not good. If the issue happens again in the future I'll remember to save that log file before it's overwritten. I did try bypassing, to run the game directly, but unfortunately that didn't work. It works right now (I just tested it), but last night it crashed trying to load with a very long error message and I neglected to copy that. It seems to be the case that if an update starts, but doesn't complete successfully, the game can't be loaded at all until an update completes successfully. Good to know for future reference at least.
  2. Find my lost nugget

    I liked this one originally - back when you were allowed to pick things up while time is frozen. However, if I put a living nugget down while time isn't frozen it ALWAYS dies. So this is one mission I will always have to ignore, even though finding it is easy.
  3. Build: Severity: 1 Description: The tooltip for "Building in bad condition" is unreadable. Reproduction: Unknown
  4. Clicking sound forever

    Build: Severity: 1 (more annoying than a text bug, but less severe I think) Description/Reproduction: I noticed that if I escape from the skill tree window too quickly I'll get this clicking sound that goes on forever - even while in menus. My only option was to exit the game and launch it again. The clicking sound is more like the sound made by the hovering over a skill, so it seems to be that the sound is loaded then doesn't unload and plays on a loop forever.
  5. Updater/Server Bug

    So, I decided to play the Universim again tonight and it said a patch was available. I clicked to update and... well, see the attached error. I noticed the error was triggered on some "network problem" but there wasn't one on my end, which makes me wonder if there is a server strain issue right now. Shouldn't the launcher be capable of throwing something more meaningful than a fatal error in this case? Also, why isn't there a way to bypass updating when an update is available?
  6. Question for Steam Release

    GOG isn't reliable. The last time I purchased a title from them, it was heavily modified in ways not disclosed at sale. That was "Creatures" by "Cyberlife". While the base game ran, it wasn't compatible with any of the creatures, genetics, or objects created for the game. You can think of those as like saved games. When I requested a refund for this, they refused to do so because they considered it fully functional. I ended up having to track down a disc copy. It didn't take much to make it compatible with Windows 10 with everything working, well, nothing they couldn't have done at least. So, yeah, I have no respect for them as a company. I will not purchase any game - new or old - from a company that sells half broken releases of old games like that. The one selling point they had though was being DRM free, which GOG galaxy subverts. People who purchase a DRM free title end up with DRM instead, so they've just gotten worse. https://www.gog.com/forum/general/on_gog_galaxy_and_drmfree Steam, on the other hand, hasn't given me a problem like that, however there were several occasions where a game I backed on Kickstarter ended up choosing to distribute exclusively through Steam back when I couldn't access it on my old computer, and now that I can access Steam on a modern machine I don't have access to any of the games I backed. It was often enough that I stopped supporting game development through Kickstarter entirely to avoid those issues. The last time I bought a disc game it was just a steam download code with a meaningless disc, clearly setup that way to prevent resale or rental. The last time I tried purchasing a game through steam, I hit an issue in their system where I couldn't actually purchase the game because when I tried to use more than one card the second card wouldn't go through because I was apparently making too many purchases. I requested a refund for what I did pay, and got it. For the longest time though my biggest reluctance to use Steam was their inconsistent age rating policy. Excessive hand holding for some people, and free passes for others, though I read that's changing - or will be eventually. Origin isn't an online marketplace, rather a client exclusive to EA software, so that's not even worthy of mentioning. It's no different than any other company selling their games on their own when you think about it. Same thing with Ubisoft's uplay and Bethesda's software. There are many many more online stores for either a company's own titles, or in the case of online games titles licensed from the original creator, but not many true online marketplaces that I am aware of. At present, the only real two viable options seem to be between GOG and Steam, regardless of how I feel about either. I do like the stance Crytivo is making here, but there don't seem to be games from other publishers yet. Still, it's something I'm watching, and if I ever have the time to finish anything that I've been working on in Unreal Engine I might actually look at their system as a producer rather than a consumer. I think mods should be submitted through the devs for distribution in all marketplaces, or through 3rd party independent sites. Having mods only available on one marketplace or another means someone is forces to pay for the same game more than once to have access to all mods and that's unethical. It's never too early to consider such things.
  7. Question for Steam Release

    Tell that to Steam. I own games, that I did not purchase through Steam, and I cannot access the mods. It's not that I can't use the mods, it's that in order to download the mods to begin with I have to click "subscribe" on the webpage, and then open the Steam client, where the mods will only download if I am logged in with an account that has purchased it through their store. Likewise, we can't access the forums for games we didn't buy through Steam, so if I bought "Forest Village" through Crytivo and didn't request the Steam version I wouldn't have access to any mods or forums, since that game doesn't have a forum here. As the creator of the game, it would be EASY for Crytivo to mirror the mods page on Steam. Really, anyone with Steam keys can download and share them. That would make more sense to me than giving the steam keys, which could instead be used to share the game with friends. Regardless, since a Steam version wasn't available when I purchased this game, they'll need to figure something out. Personally, I'd prefer to see Crytivo actively compete against Steam with their own client, their own mods, etc. as a reasonable and viable alternative where you don't have to buy everything through steam. I like seeing healthy marketplace competition.
  8. Question for Steam Release

    Will we have to buy it again on Steam in order to have access to mods in and when those come out? I actually prefer launching from anywhere other than Steam, but I do like mods and they lock them down to only those who bought it through Steam.
  9. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    I think that some Nuggets should worship you in a way that they think is best, which may not necessarily be the way that you want them to, and if you don't take an active role in discouraging such behavior it will spread: "Dear God, save my from your followers..."
  10. Question about mods and forum access

    That's weird. You guys could at least have it setup to mirror the mods on Steam. Well, what does that mean for the game I already purchased? There wasn't a steam key option for that. and, speaking of which, how will I know when updates are available? because I've read news about improvements to the tech tree, but whenever I run the game it says it's up to date and I've hit the limit of the tech tree so can't really do anything anymore in the game as it is now.
  11. Hi, I want to purchase "Forest Village" from your store, rather than Steam's store, but having watched people play I realize that the fog effects pretty much require mods to not go blind, but I can't download mods for a game I own unless I bought it through steam. Additionally, there seems to be major bugs with buildings becoming inaccessible and roads being unable to be demolished which I'd likely need forum access for, but I don't see a forum for that game here and - again - I can't access game forums on steam unless I own the steam version. So, well, if I buy from here, will I have access to those features on Steam? Similarly, I purchased "The Universsim" and was able to download and play it from here, but will I be forever locked out of mods unless I pay for the same game twice? I actually prefer to purchase games from stores other than steam. I feel like they have a bit of a monopoly, and I really don't like the way the lock access to mods and forums.
  12. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    I also feel that it should be customization to some degree, but it doesn't have to be on a good/evil axis. In real life, there are records of old religions from ancient temples thousands of years ago, and in the oldest records religion was about chaos and order rather than good and evil. Chaos is a freak storm threatening your village, floods threatening your crops, wild animals entering the village attacking it's people. Order is a stable growing season for crops, protection from animals, etc. In game, I went AFK and left the nuggets to their own devices for a few hours. I was surprised to see that the population was triple, but the increased huts meant there wasn't enough maintenance to go around so the cemetery had collapsed. I built a new one then paused the game, using telekinesis to move each body to the cemetery, or rather right in front, to give the grave digger nugget less work to do (and make it go quicker, so disease wouldn't get worse) but when I unpaused the game EVERYONE freaked out. Granted, if I saw corpses ascend to the heavens and then deposit themselves at the doorstep of the cemetery I'd probably be more than a little concerned, but if this was a common occurrence real people would be desensitized to it. A god that preserves order for the nuggets, helping to clean up messes, using divine powers to fix buildings, fights off wild animals (which, oddly, we can't do) would be a god of ORDER. That god is seen as good, because preservation of order is good for nuggets, but that's not the same thing as being good. A god that unleashes storms chaotically, smites nuggets on request , etc could be thought of as evil by our modern standards, but a chaotic god would neglect to protect the people from chaotic conditions. Simply letting bodies pile up, wolves to attack, storms to come through without warning or shelter, can be sufficient for such a god to be aligned as chaotic. Rather than it being about skills unlocked, I think the alignment of the deity should reflect on the behavior of the nuggets. This would, in turn, be reflected in what prayers come in and how frequently as well as what types of prayers get flagged as spam, which could reinforce the position by completing the requests for faith reward. In real life, people are far more likely to devoutly follow a deity if they see evidence of it's existence in their lives - even if it's nothing more than a lost child appearing on the doorstep, where you can't prove a god did anything. why? because, going back to chaos and order, that's all people really care about.
  13. Lake sustainability

    I noticed something odd about this game: When water is pumped from lakes, or fish extracted from lakes, a number goes down gradually - but never seems to increase. In real life, lakes can be over taxed, but there is also a point of sustainability. So long as you don't take out more than what is replenished naturally it shouldn't increase or decrease, while water should go up after over taxing if you stop extracting for a while. I tested to see what would happen if I turned off the only pump on a lake, and, well, the water level never returned. Water essentially is treated as a non-renewable resource. which, I guess, it kinda is in real life (sort of), but again only if you aren't sustainable with it. Now, obviously, the lake capacity is so high that game play wise this doesn't seem like it would affect anything to the player, but in line with a concept of consequences wouldn't it make more sense to lower the maximum threshold of lakes, and put in a built in regeneration rate, and then if the player never extracts enough the levels will never go down, but if the player starts adding more and more pumps to the same lake it would hurt them far more than the current system? Similarly, I think that it's less than realistic to have the tanks freeze in winter. I mean, yes, water does freeze in winter, but only from the outside in. I actually maintain large tanks of water outside in winter without any issues. Of course, having it above ground does make it more believable, and there are still temperatures which it would freeze solid regardless. In cold climates the best approach is to build the tank so the top of the water level is below the frost line, which would both protect the water from freezing and evaporation. The water is especially cool in the summer time. Build above ground this effect can be partially achieved by mounding against it with dirt and grass. and speaking of ice, couldn't the fisherman do ice fishing in winter? but with the consequence of being more taxing on the fish population, and more dangerous for the nuggets?
  14. What do you think about research?

    I don't mind the random options all that much, personally, but I do have a few pieces of criticism: 1.) The timers aren't based on real time. Or rather, they only are when using the slowest game speed. I think it would make more sense if increasing the game speed adjusted the time left, or at least gave the user the option of which way to present it. 2.) I found that the game practically compelled me to go for skills I didn't really want. For example, I wasn't going to do anything with wells - instead using pumps and reservoirs - but the well skills wouldn't go away when the screen refreshed. It would be nice if I could mark a skill as unwanted, to not be presented with it for at least a while (increase the rarity of the skill showing up for each time I dismiss it) and maybe even let us occasionally refresh everything manually. 3.) I think that some traits should come with actual negatives, rather than being pure skill ups. For example, instead of needing to drink less water from one skill, have it say that I extract more water from my food (like how in real life, cats are adapted to survive in deserts because they can extract water from their food completely, which is why cats that eat dry food are prone to urinary tract infections). A consequence of this would be that I'd have to eat more of a particular kind of food, and preserving it with dehydration would not be compatible with it. Obviously, with the game's food system, it wouldn't keep track of food type in consumption, but it could in production of water. A simpler example would be movement speed: Let the nuggets move faster, but at the expense of stamina. They can transport goods more easily between locations, but tire more easily doing work. Or maybe another version of needing less water involve them being less active - so they require substantially less water, but move slower as a result. Traits that boost strength would have the consequence of needing more food and water to sustain - so while they are better and better at hunting larger game for food, and fending off predator attacks, they need to eat more to sustain that strength. When skills have actual consequence for taking, that makes for a more compelling game-play experience, although if you went that route I think I'd prefer a tech tree after all. The randomness does deter me from directions I'd prefer to take, after all. The matter of rareness could instead be related to research times, with simple multipliers the deeper down a tree line you go. 4.) I'm confused by the, well, lack of any new skills after a point. In my game it says "More coming soon!" but I can't tell if that means there's some other kind of timer in the game, or if it is literally the limits of development. ... Now, what I liked far more than this, was when the Nuggets built a church and send you God Mail. That reminds me of "Bruce Almighty", but seems rather innovative for a God Game in general. I also thought it was hilarious how certain prayers got marked as spam. That could use cleaning up though. For example, I never got a notification when a prayer came in, and when I complete a request their response goes to spam instead of an indented reply, which I'd expect. It overall makes me think of a good god, evil god, type of development which could loop back to the availability of certain skills to research. For example, if I go around smiting people on request, but don't care about finding lost children, the development of my nuggets could end up more war like, and I could research skills for demonstrating strength at a lower cost (or have a higher chance of getting, if still random in final build) while skills better for supporting them would be more expensive and/or have a lower chance.
  15. Error: Failed to upload report!

    When attempting to submit feedback using the bug report feature in game, I am greeted with the following message: Error: Failed to upload report! Trello API: Error 411 In case the bug is related to what is written, or how much, this is what I attempted to write: Dropdown: Feedback Summary: "Can't use gamepad and joy2key disabled" Details: "Hi, I prefer using gamepads with the games I play. When a game doesn't explicitly support it, I use a program called JoyToKey. So, for example, by setting WASD to correspond with the left joystick I SHOULD be able to use that instead. Likewise, setting the right joystick to control mouse movement with shoulder buttons simulating mouse clicking I should be able to use a Gamepad just fine. However, your game is the first I've seen that outright disables JoyToKey, so I can't sit back and game with a controller. I would either like to see proper gamepad support integrated, or a way to use JoyToKey with your product." I did not find this bug prior to posting under search, and I do not see subfolders listed for versions on this forum.