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  1. I know it is the experimental build, but I figured I would get these bugs reported early on, as a couple of them are quite serious. #1 - Paths have ceased to be built. The original paths that were being built for the first 400 years of my society have remained, but new paths and roads have simply not been built. It's hard, for someone like me who wants to build a well structured society based on road location, to do so when there are no roads. #2 - Nuggets seem to get stuck in Bunkers now. They'll stay there until they die, which is obviously a problem, lol #3 - If I've placed a new building down to be built, construction will not complete until I've manually removed Stones, Trees and Bushes from within the zone. The nuggets will not go in and remove them themselves. #4 - UFO leave as soon as they arrive, making striking them down with lightning extremely difficult. #5 - Nuggets are still not replacing Stone Huts with Tudor or Modern housing.
  2. v35 - Extraterrestrial build

    #6 - I'm not always alerted to when Elections are being held.
  3. Download Issue

    I would do like someone suggested above. They helped me get everything squared away and I was able to download the game. Hope you have as much fun with it as I have been having, Sophie! And it isn't even full release yet, and it's this good!
  4. Download Issue

    Bought a copy of The Universim from the Crytivo website and am unable to download it. Any fixes?