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  1. My list of bugs

    Next time I play I'll take some notes on what I build and how I manage my goblins. I seem to be able to survive for the most part, but the bugs keep killing my folks off about the same time I lean back, smile, and think how proud of myself I am for taking care of my goblins. Lol I think the longest I've lasted so far is about three winters.
  2. My list of bugs

    One last bug: Any time I save a game and exit the program to come back later, my goblins all die within the first few minutes because they forget to eat, sleep, get stuck on something, or forget to warm up. It's as though their brains were wiped when I loaded up my saves because it happens every time I come back to try and play one of my saved games. The above mentioned tasks don't seem to be as bad if I play straight through, at least until some other game breaking bug happens and all of my goblins die. Seriously devs, the state of this game is sickening. There is no way that this should be in Early Access and I feel that the state of the game is even Pre-Alpha. I hate to talk bad about this game because, as I've stated in other posts, I believe that this could be a very fun game! (and even relaxing once the bugs are worked out) At this point in the development I am not going to play again until the next big update that (hopefully) addresses most of these issues. It would be nice if at least one of the devs or mods or somebody besides us "testers" comments on some of these items, if not then what is the point of posting all of these bugs and issues?!?
  3. My list of bugs

    Another bug: Sometimes one of my goblins gets stuck randomly and starts, what looks like, jumping in place. In the status window in the bottom left corner, the goblin's name appears with no text stating what he is doing and spams the status window. For example, one of my goblin's name was Teej Wolf and this is what it looked like: Teej Wolf Teej Wolf Teel Wolf and I'm sure you get the point. I tried using the Move to Campfire button, but that didn't work. The only thing that seemed to work is to make him a Peon and that got him "unstuck". Not really a bug, but more of an issue: When you click on one of the goblins, their "info panel" comes up. The goblin info panel covers up the "status window" in the bottom left hand corner so I constantly have to reposition the goblin panel so I can also see what pops up on the status panel. (See attached picture, @1920x1080)
  4. Welcome! Please Read

    Can we get this "Pinned"?
  5. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    No, I just got really lucky and built a bunch of stuff before the first winter... and for some reason the very first spring I had 5 babies born so that was a huge boost to manpower.... I mean goblinpower. :-D
  6. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    I agree with making winter way shorter, maybe half of a game-year due to the monsters being unbalanced. Side note: I assigned two goblins to my one watchtower during winter and they were able to defend the town for the most part and then had to rely on the Chief and/or King to finish them off completely. The problem with relying on King/Chief is that the walk at the same speed as the monsters so if my archers/town watch can't kill them right away, that means King/Chief has to chase the monster all over my village while the monster kills my people off one by one.
  7. My list of bugs

    I completely agree with you SnorlaxRae! We only bitch because we care! I am Beelzebub_75 #6335 on Discord and would be more than happy to talk too. One thing I noticed while playing is that the pathing of the goblins needs some serious attention. I noticed a lot of my goblins getting "stuck" walking around and having problems getting around buildings that were under construction. I have now found a good use for the "Move to Campfire" button, it helps to get my goblins unstuck! Lol In my last round of trying to make it through at least one round of seasons, I found that my goblins didn't bother getting warm and would freeze and/or they would ignore that they needed to eat or sleep. Therefore, once again, I lost all of my goblins. I was proud of my clan because they fought off 5 skeletons and one wraith, but sadly succumbed to forgetting to get warm and eat. Oh yeah, completely agree 125% that it should not have been released on Steam yet.
  8. My list of bugs

    Third time around and I am done with this game. This latest game breaking bug is just like my first except this time all of my goblins where stuck wherever they were standing and then skeletons came and killed everyone. Not sure what happened, but I noticed the skeletons were attacking and my Chief was just standing there... and that's when I noticed all of my goblins were just standing still awaiting their turn to be killed by skeletons. Come on devs, these are massive bugs that should have been fixed even before Early Access. I tried my best to stay positive, but for now I am done playing this game until more things are fixed. (I will most likely play this game later or maybe tomorrow once I calm down lol)
  9. My list of bugs

    My second run through was a little better, but at least my goblins didn't get stuck in the Grand Hall again. This time, my goblins got sick and I couldn't build the temple in time before all of my males died off. Here are a few more bugs I found while playing: · When “scrolling” through goblins in information panel, the camera doesn’t track to goblins that are sleeping. When scrolling through goblins that are awake, the camera moves and tracks them. When it goes to someone that is sleeping, the camera stays at its last position and there is no way to “find” the sleeping goblin. · When moving a goblin to the campfire by using the Move to Campfire button, some goblins will not stay to get warm. One of my goblins was at 30% Warmth and kept walking away from the fire. Sometimes the button works, but it seems like it never works when a goblin is sleeping. One of my goblins was sleeping somewhere (couldn’t find him because of above bug) and his warmth got done to 0% and couldn’t move him to the fire. At first I thought he was going to die, but somehow his warmth started going up!?! · The status icon (sleeping, freezing, etc) that hovers to the upper right of each goblins picture in their information panel sometimes doesn’t update. Right now it is showing all of my goblins are sleeping even though they are awake and walking around.
  10. First Impressions: Criticisms and Praise

    I'm not as experienced in this genre as SnorlaxRae is, but I've played enough to know what I'm doing and enjoy the games. My first play-through lasted about 40 minutes and I had to end it and restart a new game as I hit a game breaking bug (see my post in Bug and Issue Reports). My first opinion without holding anything back is: Was there any kind of QA involved in this process yet? I really want this game to be successful and for the devs to do great things with it, but my first playthrough is really bringing me down. Good: I think this goblin point of view could be rather amusing and enjoyable to play. It reminds me a lot of World Of Warcraft, but GoE seems to be aimed more towards being cute and cuddly. (which isn't a bad thing) The goblins have some cool outfits that help make them standout and you can tell what kind of role they are assigned to. I don't know why, but I really like the bridges between the buildings! It's cool to have these little bridges instead of the usual dirt path connecting buildings. It reminded me of an Ewok village. The art style is definitely unique and will make this game standout from other games in this genre. Bad: (I understand this game is in very early development) Tutorial is lacking a lot. They start you off building four or five buildings and that's it. This isn't a huge deal because most Early Access games are the same way, but it's still mentionable. Some minor bugs here and there, but encountering a game-breaking bug in my first playthrough is not promising. This is just my first impression and will continue playing because I feel this game can be something. It has the potential and I hope the devs continue improving and adding to it!
  11. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    · During tutorial play, when it says to build a building (Grand Hall, Storage Hut, etc.) the Build icon in the lower right should be highlighted or flashing and also the tab where the building is located to make it easier for folks playing for the first time to find. · In information panel at top left of screen (where it shows population, growth, and peons) make an option where if you click on total population a list of all goblins pops up and if you click on peons a list of peons comes up. · When placing some buildings, such as Watch Tower, have an arrow pointing which direction the building is focused towards. Another example is the Woodcutters Hut, have an arrow pointing which direction the door is facing. · Have an option to turn off/on edge scrolling. · Why is it set that each season is a game year? Why not have four seasons equal a year like in real life? (just saw that winter is 2 years!?!) · The tutorial never says how to keep goblins from freezing to death. Was playing along and noticed that I just had three goblins freeze to death. Tutorial should also talk about how/why to use the “Move to Campfire” button. · Explain what the progress bar above the goblins is. I have one goblin that is walking around being idle, yet he has a progress bar floating above him. No idea what the bar is for, but it is slowly being depleted. · The text on some info lines are too small to read (@1920x1080) Have a notification pop up that says when your goblins are almost dead due to freezing, instead of just the little text line in the bottom left hand corner that says a goblin froze to death (too late to do anything about it then). Make it more obvious so you don’t lose almost all of your goblins.
  12. My list of bugs

    · Clicked on some goblins on their way to storage to see what they were carrying (looked like berries) and the only thing they were carrying (under Items tab) was “basic tools”. Didn’t mention anywhere that they were carrying other items. · When clicking on a goblin to bring up their info panel, the cursor/pointer doesn’t line up in the correct position. Instead of the end of the index finger being the focus point, it is closer to the thumb of the cursor. So when holding the cursor over an item to read the info line, you have to line up the thumb with the line of text you are curious about as opposed to the index finger. · When zoomed in all the way and having the camera at about a 30 degree angle (relative to the ground being 0 degrees), when you click through all of your goblins the camera is not focused on the goblins but looks to be focused on a spot above their heads. When you move the camera to look straight down, then they are in focus, but the more you move your camera down (holding right mouse button and pushing the mouse away from you) the more the view focuses on the point above the goblins instead of the goblins themselves. · In info panel for each goblin, make the Status section “live” instead of static. When I clicked on goblin, he was awake, but then he went to sleep and his Status was still awake. It seems as though all of the statuses are accurate only at the time of clicking on each goblin but the text doesn’t change even when their status has actually changed. · My goblins are stuck inside the Grand Hall. Not sure what they are doing in there, but they are all inside the building, with their Happiness at 0% and they are starting to starve. Not sure what got them “stuck”, but they won’t leave and will all die. This was my first time playing the game and so I will have to restart a new game, hopefully this was a rare occurance and doesn't happen again. Game breaking bug right there.