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  1. *Solved* Poor graphic quality

    Sorry guys, it seems that my computer was the problem. Tested another game and had graphic problems too. Fresh Win10 install fixed it.
  2. *Solved* Poor graphic quality

    Hello,I just bought the game and I have a weird problem with the game graphic quality.I set graphic quality to max and game does not look good. It's like I'm still on low settings. For example, shadows are bad, objects look sharp and there is aliasing. When I look at youtube videos, it looks much better.I have a GTX 780 TI, 16gb RAM, FX-9590 proc and SSD. I don't have a 4K setup.It's fine with my other games. I also updated gpu driver, reinstalled the game and it's still bad. Moving settings a little is not working. Any idea of what could cause this?Thanks.