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  1. Feedback and suggestions

    I played another fresh game and came up with some more feedback. Hunter traps I don't undestand the point of these at the moment, the hunters don't really need them to hunt for food and when i do use them they go off when i'm not looking and i can't be sure if it adds to the nuggets stockpile or not. Maybe instead of us ordering a trap build then manually place them we can just simply mark an area then the hunters build and place traps there. Then again most of the time the animals are far away on the other side of the map. Another idea is that have the hunters craft traps inbetween hunting parties and once finished they get delivered to the guard towers then the guards place them in the area around the towers. The Archive I like the idea the needing to save you build this, it's a novel idea but i'm not sure why there's an option to assign a nugget to it because it saves and auto-saves without one, i'm hoping there are plans to have it do other things. Also a suggestion for the saving as the auto save does clutter the GUI up with multiple save files, when built the player just need to name the file once and the auto-save just use that file when auto-saving, If the player needs to load a different game they can use the load in the main menu instead of the Archive. Farms I'm not liking the select the crops to grow bit, it's too RTS and not really sort of thing to be in a god game. I think it would be better if the nuggets choose which crops to grow and IF they grow the wrong crops i set fire to them until the nuggets grow the ones i do want and i water them to show them its the ones i want. If you do inplement my idea Sasha and have the nuggets research maybe add different types of crops to the nugget research pool. Also have different design of farms depending on which biodome they are built on so we can easier time to tell the difference if the farm is on Grassland/forest/mountaina and desert better. Thankyou for your time
  2. Feedback and suggestions

    wow i wasn't expecting such a quick reply, Thankyou =D Yea the research idea came to me naturally as i was playing, I saw you inplemented schools to educate the nugs but once they're educated it doesn't do anything much and you had research that really doesn't fit the theme of something a god should be researching so i thought "hey why not let the nugs do this" and the idea build from there. I'm glad your team has talked about domestication, i saw the blog of when you added hunting and animal attacks so i thought i add so i thought i add my peice on the subject. Also your plans for the improved god mail sounds alot better then currently inplemented, i just hope you remove the "accept/reject" aspect of it and just have them there to complete and if i fail/ignore they just become unhappy and lose faith in me type of thing. And the city looks changing is just great, definatly a must have if your artist team is up for it =D Maybe have a 3rd option which is neutral so maybe we will end up with neutral nugs like that planet in that show futurama Neutral people
  3. Hi everyone I'm Prossy, I recently found out about Universim and after watching the videos and trailers I had no choice but to pledge to this game. I have been personally waiting for years for a decent God game to be developed and this one has alot of potential to knock Black & White off the number 1 spot for my personal favorite god game. I have played all through what is availible so far and even though the "God" part is not yet inplemented the game looks great. Naturally I have to assume the placing every building (apart from huts) and assigning nuggets are just placeholder mechanics until the God mechanics are inplemented, as the essence of a god game I should be watching my nuggets and only place buildings and interact with my nuggets to guide them what they should be doing and educate them on how they should plan for themselves. I like to give my feedback with the game so far and make a few suggestions here and there:- Research This is very important but i feel there is no interaction with me and my nuggets when it comes to researching, I do all the researching and once completed my nuggets "magically" knows it which makes the game feel bland and like any other stratagy game out there. When it comes to researching in a god game there should be these different types of Research:- Research that requires both me and my nuggets to fully research: for example when it comes to fishing or farming or hunting, I as a god will start the research and when my bit has completed I will place a foundation for said building and "drop" stone tables from the sky then my nuggets take over "figuring" out my knowledge i gave them as they build it and once done my nuggets can build when they so need to. Naturally when the nuggets moved out of the stone era that the stones dropping from the sky will change to something else like in a form of insperation or visions. And when it comes to later era's these types of research will require less from me as a god and naturally move more towards more effort from my nuggets when workshops and inventor labs become a thing. Research that requires only me to complete: Naturally these types of research will be focus on God powers and nugget genes and how I as a god interact with the world and the universe. Including drawing asteroids with metals not native to the starting planet and crashing them etc Research that only my nuggets can access and complete: The building improvment and upgrades should come the nuggets, although this will require to inplement an experence system and job levels for the nuggets, during my play through when i saw these types of research i definatly felt like these shouldn't be the types of things a god should be researching, as i read through the flavor text they are definatly the type that comes from job experience. Also theres a nugget intellegence system in place and schools able to educate them but saw that it does nothing except placing a "educated" token on the nuggets so naturally what came to mind was job experience and job levels (novice, intern, master, grand-master etc) and the nugget intellegence level determines how fast a nugget gains experience. Then there will be a possiblity to add more traits like "Gifted" which increase the speed the nug gains experience and also give access to job levels anyone without normally can't access and a "numbskull" trait which does the opposite and slows experience gain and limits job level of a nug. Also as we go from era to era the method of research should change with the times, at the start in stone age it should feel that i should be guiding my nuggets more and teaching them the basics and as the game progress the nuggets become more independant and researching on their own new buildings and upgrades while i provide guildance and insperation in the backround. Not to say eventually my role as a god in researching will become nothing per-se but rather change of what i should be researching as we progress through the game. Domestication I feel being able to befriend and tame the wildlife should definatly be apart of the game, not only will it add more types of animals to the world but also add alot of research and add alot of flavor to the game. I don't mean simply add research to gain the ability to able to befriend and tame but rather when a nugget successfully befriends an animal it triggers an unlock to be able to domesticate and befriend animals and eventually unlocks research to be able to breed and care for animals. For example when a nugget come across an injured animal there is a chance the nugget will take care of it and once healed theres a chance that animal will become friends and once successful research will become available to be able to house/breed and feed them. Then depending on the type of animal your nuggets are able to befriend new research becomes available, for example if your nuggets able to befriend and breed wolves then your hunters become able to research the ability to use wolves in their workplace and once complete their building gain an upgrade and the players will see them use wolves when they hunt. Also another example if your nuggets become able to befriend and breed horses then farmers become able to research uses for horses on their farm with horseplows for faster plowing and bigger fields and at the same time couriers and grave workers become able to research to be able to train horses to pull carts to carry more supply with more speed. Then being able to breed animals for food via meat and animal products (like eggs and milk), naturally you don't need nuggets befriending these types of animals first but rather nuggets just discover them first then herd them in a later era of the game. And lastly as pets for the nugs, both for companionship and mood bonus and during attacks to help defend God Worship & Powers Except for that Bruce Almighty reference there's not really much God worshipping in the game so far, I see god mail is some sort of quest system to keep me occupied but so far it only has those 2 quests, one to find that missing child which was a pain in the ass to find and the other of some jealous guy wanting to punish his "love rival" which you can only kill the target to complete. I haven't made my mind up on this god mail thing yet, sure there need to be prayers and a way for me to see and/or hear them but i don't think it should be in a form of a quest system where i can either accept it or not, when you get to like 100 or more nugget population this will get old and tedious really fast and i will end up torching the god mail to the ground out of annoyance. I haven't been able to play around with all the god powers yet, mainly because of the rate of god power builds up but when it comes to punishing powers there aren't many single target ones that come to mind, like if a nug does something that displeases me i don't think nuking half the population is the right way to punish him, probabily could add some more single target powers like being able to plague a single nug or even better have a stick magically appear and just beat the crap out of him without killing him of course. I really hope they will add more than one way the nuggets can worship me, either praying at a pray site or dance around a fire and possibly build statues in my glory. In black and white if i move a rock into the village and drop it in front of someone they will start worshipping it until it gains power and becomes a "holy relic" that i can use to convert other villages, i would like this to make it into this game in some form. That's all i got for now, i will be paying close attention now to this game as it's being made and really hope this brings the God genre back to life again and give more feedback when more content has been added =)