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  1. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    It's released in.. 11 days.. I dont think there will be enough time for another round? After that, anyone who gets an EA Steam game is sort of an alpha/beta tester Dont get me wrong, I'd GLADLY test it even a few days before release LOL
  2. Lake sustainability

    Hopefully this has been fixed in the steam release As of v0.0.25 alpha, if you put 2 upgraded pumps onto a lake/ocean, they will drain water MUCH.. and I mean MUCH faster than rain can restore it. The rain should be refilling about 4-5X more water. IMO, it should take something like 5+ pumps to really start to have a net negative total
  3. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    As a kick starter, and being active on the forums, that's surprising From the activity on the forums, Id be surprised if more than 30 people applied
  4. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    @MagecoerlinThank you! I applied
  5. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Spoiling is a very good reason to have a NDA... and I see a few reasons for one... 1) There's a whole trend going on right now where people will watch a game (alpha, beta, release) of a game streamed vs buying it. I can see why some companies "ban" the game from being streamed (even the release version). Persona 5 did this. People got their twitch, youtube, etc channels/accounts banned for streaming it. Granted this got a LOT of hate from the gaming community.. but some companies look at streaming as akin to piracy. I don't think this is their real reason though for Universim. That being said, streaming can also be an effective way of "free" advertisement. In the end, it's all up to the company on if they feel it's worth it or not. Being a kickstart backer doesn't guarantee one to all phases of development (unless a company promised that to backers) 2) The other reason for the NDA is not to spoil a launch - often to prevent negative press/pr. So if the game may not be what it's hyped to be, too many bugs, they don't want to spoil sales/pre orders. This is also VERY industry standard to do. 3) Piracy is another reason for an NDA. For example, v0.0.25 is ALL over the torrent and pirate web sites. This happened because anyone can buy it. By locking it down to a small, fixed number of people, the chance of piracy before the steam release is lessened and easier to track who released it. I wouldn't call whats coming out in August a "beta" unless 99% of all the features are in game. I'd call it "closed Alpha 2 or 3" (or something with Alpha in it). Then again steam is VERY clear that early release games are not finished and may never be - "buy at own risk". Either way, it's not a finished product. Signing an NDA *really* doesn't affect anyone as a tester - except it spoils people not being able to go "hey! look at what I'm playing FIRST before anyone else!" (bragging rights).. and I don't really see that as a reason not to sign a nda. To foster good relations, all kickstart backers, who have been active in testing/feedback, should be allowed to test the steam early release before aug 28th , and I think an NDA is very valid (and very industry standard). This will only help the developers to deliver a more polished product by Aug. Don't forget aug 28th isn't just early access on steam.. I believe it's early access on a number if digital distribution services. I think that's why they house info/feed back on social media and on these forums. They want the information as centralized as possible. Basically, I think they are just "releasing" the game as is on the 28th of Aug, and people will just be buying an alpha test of the game, and it will be polished over the next year.. and to be honest.. there's REALLY only one reason to push a game like this out so fast: They probably exceeded (or have come very close) their budget for the game and need more sales to further develop it and make a profit.... and this is becoming more and more common these days with smaller, independent studios with less cash reserves vs the big companies.
  6. Can't go much beyond 35-40 population?

    I did edit my save game file, on one playthrough, when I had 40 nuggets, and set all the nuggets over 10 "years" old back to 10 years old. That let the game get up to about 90.... With 90, and ALL those buildings, the game started to "chunk" and slow down a bit. Eventually this will need to be optimized as people will eventually have 100-500 nuggets on a planet LOL
  7. Memory Leak?

    Yeah that tells me the problem isn't the save but in some sort of data structure the game is using that gets inefficient with memory over time when the simulation is running. Clearly the game is capable of recovering that memory when you load a game as that "restarts" the simulation It could very well be at this stage memory is just not being used (and properly cleaned up) at this point in the development stage, but I wanted to bring it to your attention I mean if it's intentional the game uses THAT much, then that's ok, but they you'd all need to raise the minimum memory requirement of the game to 16GB ram minimum with 32 recommenced. Plus compressing memory in windows 10 DOES eat up some cpu cycles. Normally this isnt an issue but with a CPU intensive game like this, it could be a problem. And windows won't bother to compress memory unless it really has to. I didn't pay too much attention to compressed memory as ONLY windows 10 does that.. windows 7/8/8.1 don't compress memory.. and I also disabled the ability for windows 10 to compress memory. If I ever run out of memory, this machine can handle me adding more chips to bring the ram to 32GB I also have an apple here running the latest OS X. And my PC dual boots windows 10 & linux if you need any testing done on those platforms
  8. Memory Leak?

    @MagecoerlinKilling everyone stopped the memory "leak" cold.. so it's not in the planet, animals, weather, etc Wiping out all the nuggets stops the "leak" but does not reduced memory used (even if all buildings destroyed). The game is reserving memory for SOMETHING and just not letting it go until you load another game (that stops the current simulation and re loads a save into a new session). This will cause HUGE problems with people who have 8GB ram, and even some people with 16GB. I only noticed this because when debugging a game, I look at not only the game itself, but what resources it's using in the operating system Im not privy to the source code so unless I find something obvious in game, the rest of this is on you guys to find The devs could be allocating too much memory for an array or other things (persistent data structure problems, etc) and failing to release that memory while the simulation is running A temporary work around: Simply save and re load a game (once every 2-4 hrs of playtime. More often for people with 8GB ram - less often for people with 16-32GB RAM), this reduces memory use somewhat similar to when the game is started fresh. As long as a player re loads (or closed the game, and re loads their save), memory use can be kept down, but in the end this still needs to be fixed. However.....Someone should be able to run the game for 80hrs non stop without memory going crazy ..and with that, it's 1:56am where I am. So It is time to zzzzzzz
  9. Memory Leak?

    After 30 mins... Working set 5GB, Commit 9.2GB. I saved then killed everyone. Now ill step away and let it just run and see what happens.
  10. Memory Leak?

    Also this may not be a "leak".. it could just be VERY sloppy memory management in the game.. but either way, it would have to be fixed
  11. Even with 1 pump, a lake drains faster than rain can refill (tested by running a game for 5-6 hrs). Granted you can pump from more than 1 lake a time, but this will eventually cause issues down the line. rain should refill a lake providing the player doesn't OVER pump it
  12. Memory Leak?

    @Magecoerlin 1) Memory leak is happening NO MATTER what.. playing normally vs just letting the simulation run non stop.. I just finished playing for 4-5 hrs normally and the above screenshots of the games memory is of that playthrough 2) Done.. attached to this email 3) Make sure you use the RESOURCE manager in windows to look at memory, task manager ONLY shows the working set not total commit. Windows will usually page out working set (what's in active ram to the page file and keep working set of a program around 2-5GB depending on the physical ram of the system). If the page file fills up, THEN the working set will grow like crazy. Commit = TOTAL memory used (what's in physical memory and what's in the page file) 4) You're welcome! I've been coding games since 1986 5) I'll go do that right now.. ill play for 30mins.. kill EVERYONE.. then just let it run Memorytestgame4.rar Keep in mind, if I exit the game, and load the save, memory use will be back to "normal" the "leak" seems to happen over time.. I'll do the above test right now where I kill everyone after 30 mins
  13. Balance issue? or intended? Once you start getting around 35-40 population, nuggets die faster than they can reproduce.. this drops population back down to 25-30 and it's a MASSIVE struggle to even get it past 30-35 again... 1/2 of my playthroughs, the deaths continue.. population drops to 20-25, buildings fall apart, etc... This happens even if no disasters wipe people out Now if a tornado pops and kills 10-20 nuggets... especially younger ones.. well then it's all over.. the older ones cant reproduce fast enough Either re-balance them to mate faster or maybe a god power to let people "spawn" 2 yr old nuggets for like 50 power
  14. Find my lost nugget

    This bugs out a lot... If you wait too long after the mail is built, the child will grow up and already be in town and you can't complete it Also, sometimes it doesn't assign the child to a hut making it almost impossible to find
  15. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    Make a bunch of them.. the towers have a very limited radius.. I have about 6 of them in my game... once I balance them, they kill 99.9% of hostile animals that try to come into my village