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  1. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    Nope. In fact I get really upset when people use things like that and bug report.
  2. some weird word glitch i think

    It's a known issue
  3. Game crashes upon game start.

    @kali That's normal.. Just let it sit there. The game can take 5-15mins to create a new world (or even loading a save game) depending on your CPU, RAM, etc the problem, I THINK, is that the loading screen is on the same CPU "thread" as the one generating your world and the L screen has low priority compared to that... so it "locks" and appears frozen when it's not. The game also ignores and doesn't process input at that time which is why windows things it's not responding this is only my best guess as I have not seen the source code eventually the load screen needs its own thread and a progress meter Just leave it be, and it should load Now if it takes longer than 15mins.. then yeah, it's probably really locked up
  4. TBH V25 made better sense in real life, pumps RARELY freeze because moving water is very hard to freeze in real life water storage freezes very easily because water is not moving So it made sense to freeze the reservoirs in winter but keep the pumps going what you all COULD do is: 1) revert to the way V25 did it 2) THEN have technology to insulate reservoirs OR Freeze BOTH.. then have tech later on to insulate both so they dont freeze
  5. Crash when starting new game

    Well you're specs are definitely good enough to run the game, that's for sure. How good are you with computers and windows? I know a bunch of stuff you can try, but it's fairly advanced stuff Don't worry, it wouldn't be anything that could bork Windows LOL
  6. Easter Egg Monster???? LOL

    I REALLLY want a sarlacc like pit eventually LOL. Evil Creators could sacrifice nuggets, animals, etc for Creator Points
  7. Yeah if you put them in the mountains, you have no water in the winter They changed how the pumps work in V26 In V25 pumps operated no matter what temp it was. So in the winter you had water IF you had enough pumps
  8. if a season is stuck, you have to use the god power to "warp" to another season, it should cost only 60 power to go to the next one and it should fix that
  9. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    @Sasha I think it started.. This guy caps out at 85 health. The bar looks normal, but the health max is wrong. It should be 100 right? I saved here, and I will keep an eye on it... if it starts in again, Ill send you multiple saves 1) from early in the game like this, 2) mid game around 100 pop, 3) later with around 200 as you can see im not very far into the tech tree. i can tell you this.. it happened in the last 10 minutes of play. I checked him 10 mins ago and he was just fine.. 100 HPs
  10. Easter Egg Monster???? LOL

    Put it in the desert.. then if you feed it, it could grow into a Sarlacc pit! Muahahah Sacrifices to the evil pit monster in the desert!
  11. Easter Egg Monster???? LOL

    it needs to eat nuggets! I tried feeding it some, but it didn't want any LOL. It didn't want wolves either @Sasha
  12. Is it just me or is getting believers hard

    It's hard.. I've had 250 nuggets and all 250 believed, and it's still hard. It needs balancing
  13. V26 BUG: nuggets stuck in hospital

    If nuggets inherit stats from the parent, I wonder if that's how this is spreading?
  14. SAVE GAME ISSUE. Need your input!

    The exp branch and the public/main branch are now one in the same, correct? Will you stick to hotfixes on the exp branch in the future? Then roll them into the main now and then? I'm only asking because I want to know what branch to stick to for the most up to date version heheh