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  1. Periodically, click and menu sounds when clicking in research screen, buildings, etc stop working (the UI sounds) Reproduction: alt tabbing in out out a bunch of times often triggers the bug. Also if you hit esc then alt tab out and let the PC sit on the desktop for a while, the sounds are gone when I come back Happens on any sound settings (stereo, 7.1, etc) Can be reproduced 90% of the time Workaround: Restarting the game OR switching sound to something else (to 5.1 or 7.1, etc) will restore the sounds Severity: 1 OS: Windows 10
  2. This has been around for a while. It's not a bug. But please turn off the game FORCING research on us or give us the option to turn it off. why? example: I don't use shifts because the game population just wont go high enough for them When shifts is the ONLY thing left to research, the game force researches it for me Why is this bad? because my ministries try to put people in the shift slots! LOL and with out a proper population, that does a LOT of harm Players may want to skip various research items due to bugs, balance problems, or simply for role play
  3. V30.23498 will not launch

    Disregard. ALL my steam games are doing this Issue solved by steam needing to update itself (kind of stupid. Steam should notify people that the need to update the steam client if an update is mandatory)
  4. V30.23498 will not launch

    Severity: 5 Description: Steam goes to launch the game, then the game instantly terminates, and then steam attempts to launch again. (Then a repeating loop of launching and terminating) Reproduction: * Attempted to launch the game * Rebooted PC - problem still exists OS Windows 10 64bit V10.0.17134.472 Nvidia drivers 419.17 (released 2/22/2019)
  5. v30 Crash to Desktop

    v30 is crashing to DT - a lot.. and I mean a lot more than previous versions
  6. v30 School didnt produce educationed nuggets

    I'm having this issue too. 1) They either sit in school until 20-30 yrs old 2) They leave school with no education (Even with a teacher there)
  7. Build version: Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4 Description: After a tornado, wind sticks at "red." This prevents wind power generation. Reproduction: * Spawn a tornado by nature or by God power * Saving & Rebooting the game will return wind to normal (work around)
  8. V30 population log graphic bug

    It looks like the window is not meant to handle populations this big
  9. oh I'm dumb.. the access code to put in the box LOL I was thinking something else
  10. Weird. I'm not getting any options on steam for any other versions
  11. How do I get the DL link to test?
  12. v29: god power wheel not displaying

    This just struck again.. It just lost the rest of the wheel after a few hrs of play in FS mode
  13. v29: god power wheel not displaying

    It was displaying in windowed mode, but when i switched to full screen mode it disappeared. Switching back to windowed did not fix it. I had to restart the game I'm using an EVGA, vNvidia 1080Ti with driver v417.22 I'm able to reproduce the bug by going back to window mode then back to FS mode
  14. Crashing in unityplayer.dll

    yeah everything is current and it still crashes in unity now and then
  15. Problems with Shifts

    They aren't really working * All nuggets from all shifts are trying to work at once. This is causing bizarre things to happen * nuggets do not go "off shift" properly - they either never go off or they stand around * when they do go off shift, they often stand around "doing nothing" Also there's a balance issue here. There just isn't enough population to support 2 shifts for everything. Right now the game pretty much caps out at around 175-225 population