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  1. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    I'm not going to take a stand on the whole NDA needed/allowed discussion here, but it seems interesting that people who are loudly advocating against an NDA are totally fine with the idea of a closed pre-release [alpha] ...
  2. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    Point taken. But why must it always result in violent conflict? Just because we know no better? How about if different aspects of religion opened different paths/angles of development that do not necessarily stand in competition to each other existentially but rather allow different ways of playing experience for the player/god (replayability!) and different ways of expressing their priorities of being for the nuggets? Decisive cornerstones could be structured order vs personal freedom, masters of creation vs members of the ecosystem, focused monotheism (player as a single god) vs the guiding hand of mother nature. The possibilities and combinations are limitless...
  3. [BRAINSTORMING] A discussion upon eras

    I can't say that I agree with your focus on "Nugget Wars" and the rise and fall of organized religion. I find the changes in quality and priorities of everyday needs throughout the ages of more interest - especially where they might conflict with the well-being of the planet itself...
  4. Re-Forestation

    Since there was an 'eco-balance' - theme going on with the Universim since the early trailers, it would seem too simple to just let the forests regrow by themselves. A wasted opportunity for some 'fast industrialization vs. sustainable evolution' - choices, don't you think?
  5. Can't go much beyond 35-40 population?

    I also hit a substantial drop in growth rate at around 30-40, without it ever dropping out of control however. Two possible reasons spring to mind: First major death wave when the first "baby boomers" become old. This is about the number of Nuggets where the grave digger problem first becomes really noticeable Especially the second took some attention to solve, until I had two more graveyards up. It seems that marching past the dacaying bodies of their loved ones every morning leaves Nuggets' working morale somewhat lacking...
  6. Re-Forestation

    What's the current take on keeping the wood production chain sustained? I get that, initially, cutting down forests will have the benefit of opening up building spots. But mid game latest, a solution for the dwindeling number of trees will be needed. Maybe a god power, "seedlings" or such. Or tree farms? New funeral options where the dead are buried under a tree sapling? Each birth of a nugget is commemorated by planting one or several trees?
  7. Sneaky fisherman

    Could be a later evolvement option... Would possibly require wood for a fire next to the hole...
  8. Refined Stones and Wood problem

    Take note that once an upgrade is researched, any new building will be built in the upgraded version right away. So even if you're not upgrading any of the old buidlings, your new ones will come with the upgrade included (and the corresponding resource requirements) That took me by surprise at first...
  9. Archive stops working

    Just in case it helps: Normally, when I save via the archive, the UI is blanked for maybe a second and then the archive screen shows with the "saving in progrerss" followed by the normal archive screen with the save file list. When the error happened, the UI did NOT blank, instead the "saving in progress" screen appeared instantly and just didn't go away, until I ESCed out of the archive. Probably was waiting for the save to finish, which never even started... Other than that, the game was running super stable - I could just repeat the attempt to save and the ESC out of archive for hours (which I did, incidentally...)
  10. Archive stops working

    I was able to load my save file (though from way back in regard to the gametime when this happened... about 50 days "lost") from the game start menu. Edit: Also, I don't seem to be able to reproduce the error with this save. First few auto and manual saves worked fine... Screenshot of the reloaded game
  11. Archive stops working

    After playing my save for a few hours today (I had continued my previous game) the archive suddenly stopped working. Not only were no more auto-saves generated, but I could also no longer manually overwrite my save file. Here's what happens: I select the archive and the game I want to save onto. The screen darkens, the game keeps running in the background, the "Saving..." screen is shown (screenshot 1) - and that's how it stays.... I can ESC out of the archive any time, but this lead to my save file no longer being shown in the list. Also, next time I tried to generate my save file (same name), the auto-save was no longer shown in the list... Successive attemts always show my game save file in the list for about half a second (screenshot 2a), then it gets removed from the screen (screenshot 2b)
  12. Grave digger problems

    We've probably all had the occasional outbreak of "Zombieland" in our worlds due to the lack of working morale of the grave diggers. I was wondering if the problems are in the long transport distances for the corpses or the faulty triggers to actually start working for the grave diggers. In part, the problem maybe could be at least lessened if the dead nuggets would be treated as a resourse for the labouring nuggets to be transported to the graveyard. This would greatly reduce the required time used for transportation for the grave digger. Plus, if things keep going wrong, at least it will be easier for me to actually find the dead buggers...
  13. After making sure to get the food and water supply up early, the only major growth distubance was a failure of the graveyards. "Zombieland" really throws a spinner into the wheels of your production lines... At around pop 130 I'm having problems with runaway population numbers. I can hardly keep up with food supply as demand is rising extremely fast. A dampening feedback loop dependant on food supply would surely help here... Like, say, make fertility lower (not 0) when food is low for extended periods of time. EDIT: Huh, it seems I was ahead of myself. Population seems to peak out at around 150 Nuggets. And there was I preparing for the "baby boom", now I have enough food to last a year...