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  1. For me, the god power should be used more to manage the planet itself. For exemple : there's not enough water in the ocean ? Ok, so make it rain. If there's not enough stones, create a mountain, etc, etc. Maybe something with the sun also, to help de crops grown or to burn them if you want to punish the nuggets... Keeping the building management would be nice, but in some way, the nuggets should be able to understand the god logic and starts to build on their own (with some advice from god maybe). I liked the idea of the godmail, it's funny and could be use more. And of course, it would be a real god power to choose how the nuggets should evolve. (4 hands to be more effective, bigger brain to learn faster, webbed feet to swim faster, and so on) I'm confident in the developpers. This game could be amazing and one of a kind. Let's hope it won't take years to happen.
  2. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I like the idea but, as someone else said before : maybe it's something to add after the game is "finished". There are surely more important things to add to the game before :-)
  3. Hi from Switzerland ! I downloaded the game this weekend and already a huge fan !
  4. Hi ! First of all: THANKS for this game. Can't wait for it to be completed ! About the french translation, two buildings are called the same in french (scierie). It could be confusing. The Lumberjack should be called "bûcheron" or "cabane de bûcheron" to avoid any confusions. Maybe, if you need help with the french translation, I would love to be of some use. Even if my english is not perfect... :-) Thanks again!