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  1. The Price of Godhood: Power Costs

    Thank you for the reply! I had no idea Windstorm was planetwide (I've never managed to get more than 200 points to cast it) but the explanation made it sound like something far less dangerous on the information beside the power. The effect Kickstart was supposed to have wasn't very clear to me. It seemed to mean a stamina refill so very good to know, thanks! Sadly I have been getting a lot of fires over a handful of maps. Perhaps my poor Nuggets aren't too bright when it comes to cooking. I do see the reasoning behind the high cost now that I account for it's other excellent uses. And omg, wolves are pure evil. I lost nearly half my population one winter, despite defense towers, and as a god I was powerless to protect them in the least. Every winter I lose several Nuggets to roaming packs and no amount of towers seems to prevent the loss. The wolves are killed after they kill someone(s) and left to roam free before that into the city like they own the place, lol.
  2. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I love this idea. Seeing the interior on a game level just seems 'too much' at this point when there's so much that needs addressing in other aspects. Having an interior picture icon in the info box, as we do with the Nuggets themselves, would be much better and very welcomed.
  3. Refined Stones and Wood problem

    I've noticed my Refined Wood and Stone disappearing too without anything upgrading or using it for building (still in stone age). I can't seem to stockpile it for burst building.
  4. It was the lack of godly gameplay that gave me pause in buying an early access copy but like everyone here, I have hope that the vision and scope of this game can be achieved and I am honored to become part of the process going forward. That being said, I look forward to seeing the Faith System. It's an important part of being a deity to have worshipers; after all, how else would a god gain more potent power and influence as the ages progress? I do like the tongue-in-cheek "GodMail" system in replacement of prayers and a way to receive quests. :thumbs up: