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  1. While I have heard that a god power to grow trees may be in the works, it's not going to solve the bigger problem. Without natural regrowth, a population can and will devastate the forests of an entire planet well before 'space age' play. Talk about global warming! Aside from natural regrowth, I think that by the time Nuggets have figured out how to refine lumber or deforest quicker, they'd understand sustainable forestry and replant trees themselves. You see this ability as the standard in Anno1404 (Dawn of Discovery) and while the regrowth rate would be massively overpowered here, I think the idea is sound.
  2. Is it just me or is getting believers hard

    I feel the same way. I do all this work and few believe in me and unless I blow all my points, all the time, I lose followers fast. Not only that, faith point gain is so slow that I can't keep up the 'small' acts of power for a CHANCE that the recipient will believe in me.
  3. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    You just gave me an idea. You're talking something akin to demigods. Divine children made through immaculate conception whose actions will reflect your attitude as a good. Terrorizing if evil, helping if good. Their traits are defined by their creator, naturally. It's an interesting concept to consider. Perhaps, in a small way, TU's answer to B&W's animal.
  4. My list of bugs

    My last game went like this: Spring/Summer/Fall - Picked a good spot with food, wood, and stone. Built the grand hall, then storage, then warrens, then crafting hut, then woodcutters and finally a defense tower. Nothing to do but wait for materials to build up. In this time no new goblins are produced, at all. Winter - The defense tower is still not done. There are still no new goblins. Two skeletons come. Kill two goblins before King/Chief kill them. Dead bodies lay there and start to rot. Everyone gets sick. I build a lumbermill. Defense tower finally finishes. Goblins are dropping like flies. Finally 3 new goblins are born. I try to build a temple, still not enough materials to finish lumbermill because everyone is sick and dying. I get the message that all of the females have died. All three of the new goblins are male. Tribe dead. Game over. This scenario has repeated in every game. I've tried everything I can but it's all so unbalanced and brutally hard that it's impossible for me. It seems to me that RNG is the only variable. Just sheer dumb luck to get past the first winter, as I've only made it once.
  5. Ask Us:

    Which counts as evil every time I do so to clean up the mess. Which also brings me to another question, will the 'evil' tag be removed from telekinesis in the future?
  6. Ask Us:

    I've grumped about this before but I'm really wanting to know what the plan is to fix the cemetery and the massive issue of dead bodies? It vexes me every playthrough to no end, lol.
  7. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    So I played TU all afternoon and considered how it would all work with traits. One major problem is that nuggets auto-assign themselves when someone dies. That makes it really hard to make sure that the ones with the right traits end up in the right jobs. And, if you're doing it all by hand, that's a ton of micromanagement. More than most might want. Once my population reached a rather impressive amount I was having a hard time just making sure everyone had access to food/water/engineers/etc. I can't imagine this on a macro scale across planets.
  8. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    I must really suck. I could never get a watchtower built before the winter on multiple attempts. But yeah, the chief would chase and not catch up while I watched each goblin slaughtered and was helpless to do anything about it.
  9. Dump of bugs

    Can confirm the following bugs from my playthroughs: birch shadows, dirt texture on well, godmail not responding when quest to find nuggetling fails or is completed, nuggetling can spawn literally anywhere on the planet, fishing boats flip upside down often, white square shows up near water. I'd like to add also that telekinesis also causes the white square when dropping dead bodies over the water. Also, telekinesis is getting stuck in that it sometimes fails to notice that it's still holding a nugget and the ability has to be recast to drop them.
  10. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Ohh, that makes a ton more sense. I can't wait to see the trait system in action! Thank you for explaining
  11. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    I might be wrong, but I thought that was what Kickstart was for?
  12. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    I absolutely agree about adding arrows. I honestly cannot tell which way some are facing which is frustrating. Winter lasts too long for how deadly skeletons are. In the game's odd time, it should be 1 year at most. (Seriously, what's with the seasons?) Agreed on edge scrolling. Notifications need a lot of work to help prevent deaths, particularly from freezing. I can't see a way to stop starvation when there's no way to force feed them with the massive stockpile of food you have that they flatout ignore. I'd love to see how the trade building lets me micromanage peon's jobs but I just can't get far enough to test it. Once the game receives a fix to these issues I'll be able to proceed in testing but until then I will test what I have and continue taking notes.
  13. My list of bugs

    I feel your frustration and I too have encountered some of these issues in my playthroughs. I'd love to test out the advanced buildings but these game breaking problems prevent me from ever getting to that point. This game should not be available on Steam yet. It's no where near ready. It should still be in internal testing. It's sad that this game is going to get crucified early in the Steam reviews and possibly never recover from it as players hit the same frustrations and ask for refunds which is the last thing we want to see happen to this game. I hope the developers read our posts, take the criticism and make it better. And, I hope, understand that we're harsh because we care. To any GoE devs reading this, I am SnorlaxRae#8981 on Discord. I would be happy to talk candidly about my impressions, thoughts, suggestions, answer questions, etc.
  14. Love Tower Not Rebuilding

    Sometimes building like the Godmail building and the Love Tower don't build where you would like them to, throwing off your whole city so when I see them building where I don't want them, I cancel them. In the case of Godmail, it'll automatically try to rebuild itself somewhere else. You can keep cancelling it and it'll just keep coming back in a different location. Not so with the Love Tower. If you cancel it, it's gone. It never tries to rebuild itself. I like the tower. I just did not like where it wanted to build at first. My suggestion going forward would be to give the player the ability to choose where those buildings go so we don't have to settle for bad placement or cancelling repeatedly and hoping to get the spot desired.
  15. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    As I understood Le Cupidon was a fix to a breeding issue in earlier development. As it's nigh impossible to tell who still needs to fall in love, what purpose will it serve going forward?