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  1. Love Tower Not Rebuilding

    Sometimes building like the Godmail building and the Love Tower don't build where you would like them to, throwing off your whole city so when I see them building where I don't want them, I cancel them. In the case of Godmail, it'll automatically try to rebuild itself somewhere else. You can keep cancelling it and it'll just keep coming back in a different location. Not so with the Love Tower. If you cancel it, it's gone. It never tries to rebuild itself. I like the tower. I just did not like where it wanted to build at first. My suggestion going forward would be to give the player the ability to choose where those buildings go so we don't have to settle for bad placement or cancelling repeatedly and hoping to get the spot desired.
  2. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    As I understood Le Cupidon was a fix to a breeding issue in earlier development. As it's nigh impossible to tell who still needs to fall in love, what purpose will it serve going forward?
  3. Sign the petition!

    I mirror the sentiment and agree, but why the clickbait title and post in the wrong subforum? *boggles*
  4. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    Something akin to the Eatery TU has might be beneficial in tracking food distribution. Also, the great thing about goblins is that they're considered as inventive as gnomes in terms of explosives and warfare. Delving into that with buildings and units would definitely give GoE another unique edge. Goblin sappers, anyone? I think trade can also really be deepened. A good example of trade production done right is Anno's Dawn of Discovery (Venice). There was a lot to do and a lot to micromanage which is what players tend to want out of an RTS city builder. I think the events currently are pretty good. I was reminded a bit of Civ 4's later expansions that added event cards. Missions to better explain core mechanics would definitely help and be more useful than pop up tutorials that a lot of players (myself included sometimes) will skip right on by, preferring to learn by doing, rather than reading. There's a fine line between hand holding quests and quests that tell you what you need to do, give a hint and let you do it. So, it'd have to be well done and have some humor to it.
  5. Let me preface this post with my experience in the RTS/Simulation/City-builder genre to show the games that I am comparing GoE at its core to: Warcraft, Anno, Banished, Rimworld, Age of Empires, Civilization, the entire Impressions Games series (Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Caesar, etc), Sim City, Cities: Skylines, and Tropico. I want to be clear that I absolutely want to love this game. I see the massive potential it has. But, in its current state (and I understand that it is early in its development), I can only give it a 4/10 after my first six games. It is, sadly, below average with the features and management in the game right now. I may seem like I'm nitpicking on some things but I would rather point them out with the hope of making GoE stand out on the market than to let it fall short of its potential. So, in no particular order or importance, here are some of the things I noticed: At tribe creation it's very hard to see the names of the goblins with white text over light gray background. It's not clear at the start of a new map that the first thing you click on is where the campfire will place itself. My first game my campfire ended up placed in a lake making it so I needed to restart. Out of six games (not including the first failed attempt), I was unable to build a watch tower before winter. Subsequently, I lost half or more of my goblins during the winter to unstoppable skeletons that no one seemed to be able to fight against. Skeletons are incredibly overpowered. I understand there's supposed to be a challenge but even in a Low risk area, I survived the first winter once out of six. That's much too hard and frustrating. The one game I did survive to the second winter on I was met with not just two skeletons, as I had the following winter, but a horde of five or so that wiped out the entire population. The AI does not prioritize survival. I had several peons starve to death with tons of berries available. The Goblins are very weak and die easily, even when they do try to survive. This peon died from cold while getting warm, The newsfeed gives useless information. Knowing who has gone to bed/woken up doesn't seem necessary to gameplay. There is more that I wanted to bring up but don't have the time to add currently. I'll add it in a follow up post but I wanted to get to the things I do like before I go. Art style. It's very unique. Goblin design. They're very adorkable and endearing. Building designs. Simple yet fitting for goblins. The prospect of Diplomacy with other races. Depending on its implementation it could really give GoE a leg up. As I said, I want to love GoE and as it stands, I really like it and I want to give it all the support I can. ~Rae
  6. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    After playing several games I've come up with a handful of features that would make the game much more intuitive and enjoyable. The Esc key at the moment does not intuitively close certain windows that would be expected, such as the yearly report. The ability to prioritize which buildings are built first so that materials are shipped to the correct site would be wonderful. Being told who is cold would be very useful to know to prevent goblins from freezing to death. Better control over food distribution as goblins don't seem to prioritize survival over other tasks. I'm sure I'll come up with more but for now, these are what I felt were most important to suggest.
  7. Welcome! Please Read

    Welcome goblins and goblettes! This forum is the place where you can ask the developers questions, give feedback and make suggestions, all while building a strong community around this great city-builder. Together, we can make it even more amazing. As always, be courteous and respectful when posting. Constructive criticism need not be harsh. I can speak from experience that the developers are as passionate about the game as we, the players, are about playing and enjoying it. We are One. We are Legion. We are Clan!

    I've said this in the discord but I wanted to say it here as well: I agree that, while I found them funny, references to real world politics needs to be nixed from the game. I love the idea of these special nuggets but they should be celebrating the scientists, engineers, artists and musicians, as Civilization did but, of course, with a nugget-themed spin.
  9. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    I would love to personalize my experience as a god and to have the nuggets react to my presence in their lives. I hate to bring up Black & White but it did have some great ideas on how to implement god abilities. I wasn't a fan of the animal avatar pet thing but having a holy building for prayer that will give you your god quests (love the GodMail lol) would be good. Above all I want to feel like a god. I want to feel like I'm really interacting with my followers and guiding their advancement until one day they leave the planet and carry my influence to other worlds. There are a ton of city builders/rts games on the market but the last god games of any repute is Lionhead's B&W games and Maxis' Spore. Nothing has been as good or captured the feeling of being a god but it had fluff and issues of its own that Universim has avoided so far. I really love this game. I've loved it since I ran the demo and saw what the engine was capable of. There's a huge void in this niche and I see this game being heralded as one of the best indies and likely, the best god game ever. [ /ramble off ]
  10. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Just popping in to say that not only am I still massively on board for testing, I am fine with an NDA if there is one. I don't have an intent to say anything but understand the want to keep the new features under wraps until ready because hype can help make or break a game.
  11. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    I'm also on-board for closed beta testing, despite being brand new to the community, and I'll keep an eye out on how to sign up for it.
  12. The Price of Godhood: Power Costs

    Thank you for the reply! I had no idea Windstorm was planetwide (I've never managed to get more than 200 points to cast it) but the explanation made it sound like something far less dangerous on the information beside the power. The effect Kickstart was supposed to have wasn't very clear to me. It seemed to mean a stamina refill so very good to know, thanks! Sadly I have been getting a lot of fires over a handful of maps. Perhaps my poor Nuggets aren't too bright when it comes to cooking. I do see the reasoning behind the high cost now that I account for it's other excellent uses. And omg, wolves are pure evil. I lost nearly half my population one winter, despite defense towers, and as a god I was powerless to protect them in the least. Every winter I lose several Nuggets to roaming packs and no amount of towers seems to prevent the loss. The wolves are killed after they kill someone(s) and left to roam free before that into the city like they own the place, lol.
  13. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I love this idea. Seeing the interior on a game level just seems 'too much' at this point when there's so much that needs addressing in other aspects. Having an interior picture icon in the info box, as we do with the Nuggets themselves, would be much better and very welcomed.
  14. Refined Stones and Wood problem

    I've noticed my Refined Wood and Stone disappearing too without anything upgrading or using it for building (still in stone age). I can't seem to stockpile it for burst building.
  15. Preface: I understand that the god aspect of the game will be addressed in later patches but I wanted to share my thoughts at this stage of development. Rejuvenate - At the low, low cost of 1+ faith per person/building it trivializes injuries, sickness and building degradation. (* Currently reads as needing only 1 point though it's a variable amount.) Trickle Effect - At a high cost of 100 it's almost useless. With the elevated rate of fires and the slow gain of faith points it's rare that it can be used for halting fires. Jolt of Joy - For a single shot gift of a good day 100 points is a bit steep. Telekinesis - Another power whose cost seems to be a bit low at 2 points. I would raise the cost a bit and add the ability to throw animals.. Le Cupidom - 20 points seems reasonable but to tell the truth I honestly have not found a use for this power given you can't really tell who needs to fall in love still and who doesn't (unless I've missed something). Windstorm - 650 points seems really high for this ability when a Tornado costs the same. Tornado - Seems balanced for a destructive ability. Fire - The price of 1 point seems really low for a destructive ability. Kickstart - This ability either does not function or isn't clear enough about what it is supposed to do. Either way, it still takes 1 point per use though Nugget stats do not change.