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  1. Medieval era

    Ok as i was uploading the save files, my buildings start randomly upgrading. After 4 houses upgraded itself, the epicenter now is upgrading too. It looks like it was just a matter of time and not instantly after researching was complete
  2. WAYYYY too many stone huts...

    For me they just stop building houses anymore and many are abandoned. I deleted all empty huts and but they wont build new ones
  3. Medieval era

    I have all materials that are in the game yes. I waited like 30 real minutes. Ok i just realized, that the upgrade button for buildings just went from grey to orange. When i click on it then nothing happened. But they still dont have the green banner. But not all of them shows me the upgrade window like on the picture.. it is just weird
  4. Medieval era

    I have plenty of ressources. I even have electricity. As you can see on the pictures i added, the research is complete. The green upgrade banner just shows for a mili second, i even wasnt fast enough to screenshot it xD. Then the banner goes away and the game goes on. PS: Sorry the pictures are in the wrong order. The last one should be the first one >.< PS2: I started the game several times new to see if there will be any change but it is always the same.
  5. Medieval era

    Hey Folks, i just started a new playthrough after the steam release. I can see on YT people playing The Universim and getting into the medieval era and upgrading the stone huts to wood huts. I researched everything for the medieval era. My evolution tower gets for 1 second the upgrade banner and then it disappeared. The tower doesnt upgrade and i still have only stone huts. AM i doing something wrong? I hope someone knows an answer Greetings Mo
  6. I wonder when we get all stages

    Awesome, thank you for the quick reply
  7. I wonder when we get all stages

    Just a quick question.. i was waiting for the steam release because the devs promised atleast the second Age with that. Does it happened now or do we still have just the first Age?
  8. Micromanagement in the game

    Sorry if i'm wrong but are you guys allready playing in the second and third era :P? Or are you just discussing about these era's before they come live?
  9. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    @zaygr hey, the upgrade bug isnt a cosmetic thing only. I cant get any new perks to research and everything is still in the first era. It is now 9 days since you told us. Any new news on that? i am waiting too long for getting into the second era! i want to play further