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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    I really love the 3rd and the 2nd type of research screens i think you should opt for creating a mixture between both of them : the graphical design of the 2nd one and the Ui cleaness and precision of the 3rd one. Let me just explain a bit what i mean : * the 3rd one gives you more control over the eras, over what conditions are required to move into the next era, for instance moving from the stone age to the iron age is researching the iron melting research and so on * the 2nd one is more precise when it comes to sorting out researches, that means sorting into social, scientific, ethical , and so researches and that would give you guys more room to add lots and lots of new researches when it comes to art , recreation, rockets . basically a limitless sorting and clear sorting * a mix of both would be really really nice to see the mixing and precision and control over the researches, that way we can opt for better research order and better appeal to when it comes to the eyes i have a small question though , perhaps it is already included, or even say planned for the game , but are random technologies a thing? instead of having the same order all the time i think perhaps having randomly researches might spicy things up and create an interesting game each save : it helps when it comes to replayability, and imagine the endless Possibilities . Thanks for going through my post, i really really really love this game and i truly believe in its potential to achieve the milestone of best game of the era. Great work guys and keep on rocking, from Tunisia