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    DrKirk reacted to Sasha in Research Prototype Panel   
    Hi Guys, 
    Due to numerous requests that we received from you, here we will provide current prototypes & ideas that we considering to implement and working right now for the Research based on your feedback. Please note that some of those prototypes are very ambitious and we would love to implement them, but they require a lot of man power and time, which unfortunately we don't have. So please consider that even though after finalizing the approach which we will take on that, we might still will have to cut some things from it due to time constrains.  Also, this is something that we are planning after steam release, not before. 
    Don't hesitate to post your ideas and thoughts about those prototypes. Constructive critics are also welcome. 
    Prototype #1

    Prototype #2

    Prototype #3

    @Lissa Gloom @threeheaded monkey  as promised