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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    The third option looks very good! The first option, like, too, not bad, but like cumbersome. The second option is very even, but here the emphasis seems to placed on style development 3 milestones quite well!
  2. Here's what I found: 1. After a while, the game is not saved 2. Engineers do not repair buildings: archive, prayer altar and many other buildings, priorities are random or full ignore. 3. Modeling nuggets disappear, only beards go, (fix to take them in hand and release, then appear) 4. Typos in Russian localization (not critical (!)) 5. Ignore or partially ignore the improvement of the building, although resources are available in full. 6. Fishermen swim upright https://prntscr.com/jbnelu 7. Nuggets will stop bringing materials to the wood and stone refinery and eventually stop bringing them to any building to upgrade or even build brand new ones. 8. Nuggets will randomly stop doing their jobs and show "Doing Nothing" even though there is work to be done. 9. Nuggets still get stuck on trees and mountains and die of thirst and hunger 10. Prioritization of buildings still doesn't work properly. 11. Nuggets will not replace their stone huts with Tudor Houses if there is not enough room. 12. To go with the one above nugget population drops like a rock for no reason when they get up high as well and don't recover.