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  1. Gender balance issue

    Thank you for providing a screenshot I was starting to feel like I'm wrong by the amount of people on discord saying this can't happen xD
  2. Gender balance issue

    My previous two playthroughs ended because of (from what I could gather) gender balance issue. By the time I reached medieval my population started to drop. I've had pop drops earlier of course but they were caused by various reasons that were fixable. Game overs in my last two games was caused by a sudden pop drop of people dying of old age and by some random chance I am left with only female nuggets or only male nuggets. And basically, I can't do anything to fix the issue at that point. Like some people pointed out on Discord that my population dropped because of something else, trust me, it didn't. Nuggets just died of old age (except a few that died of thirst and whatnot, but those guys were stuck underground which is a known bug at this point). Every nugget had their various status bars full. No one was tired, injured, unhappy and whatever. They simply died of old age. I also had no one working in the Hunters Hut because I know those guys can die easily. Cupids God ability is also very inefficient, especially in a scenario where your gender balance is destroyed like mine was. In my opinion, nuggets should either be sexless or we should have a research that allows gay couples to reproduce. Wolves were never an issue to me, nor were tornadoes. Gender balance though? Real game killer. While I'm here I'll point out a couple of other minor issues I've encountered: - Geology research text is way to big, big enough to hide what the effect actually does unless "scroll" down the whole panel - If you click a research in the panel that's currently being developed it will instantly be canceled. Add a confirmation popup with the "Are you sure you want to cancel it?" - Nuggets who work at the Wood Refinery should gather wood themselves if there is no wood in the local Storage. I've had my two nuggets at the WR doing nothing for ages even though the refinery was in the middle of the forest - By the time you reach medieval era the city kind of looks... barren. It would be very helpful if there was a building in which the nuggets focus on regrowing trees.
  3. Gender balance issue

    I even noticed that I've had nuggets who basically died of old age without having a single child... were never married either. I mean I understand the point of the Cupid ability, but do I really have to play a matchmaking God constantly? Surely as a God I have more important things to attend to
  4. Nugget Pathfinding Issue

    Nuggets tend to go under the ground constantly in my playthroughs and die under there from thirst and whatnot. I can't even get them out with telekinesis
  5. Extremely insane CPU usage

    I can confirm this. I haven't checked the temps yet but my i7 8700k cooled by Noctua d15s tower cooler is constantly at very high CPU usages in 1080p.
  6. Lake sustainability

    Not sure about the fish but from what I tested way back in some alpha build you could renew the water level of a lake using the Rain god power.
  7. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    Thanks for the swift reply. I thought it's still open since this thread isn't closed. Looking forward to the steam release. I see many many things got added since the last Alpha build, I'm somewhat scared since so many new things were added in such a short time.
  8. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    Can anyone participate in the testing phase or just the backers?