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  1. same thing happened to me since pre-steam release. The autosave-off thing seem to only occasionally work for me.
  2. Unchoppable trees

    Steam OS, windows 10. Weird bug which occurs in areas of high tree density: Nuggets cannot chop some trees that tend to be in the denser parts of the forests. The nugget begins to take a swing at the tree but stops before striking it - making them unbuildable terrain. Some of the trees can be pulled out using telekinesis while some also seem to be immune to telekinesis. Has occurred in 2 of 6 of my games. My graveyard couldnt be built on time leading to the entire colony becoming depressed.
  3. loading the game

    I have the same problem, but usually the more larger settlement/nugget count. That said, a game which requires continuity really should be able to load... and we're technically still stone age!!
  4. Find my lost nugget

    Just scout around the globe. The kid will be shouting things like ' help mah', 'mahhhh' in brief intervals and you'll be able to hear it when you're close. Just dont scroll too fast or you might miss it when the kid screams. I think the kid shouts more frequently as the timer comes closer to running out. That said, that house search would work too i guess. Haven't tried it myself.
  5. i have 50 engineers wondering about and still i have buildings crumbling.