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  1. Continually coming across this issue, would be great if we could manipulate the time of day (we are god after all). That way we could select if we want it to be night or day and as a result maybe even gain a few followers from it
  2. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I love this idea and think its a great way to see whats going on in those little nugget homes, but i completely agree with the majority and ask, can this be done at a later date? It seems (myself mostly) that we would prefer to have a playable somewhat complete game with content rather than extra little graphics that from what i can see plays no real role in the actual game play. In saying that i would love to see this idea eventually implemented when the core game is complete. Also i voice the concern over using twitter for these votes (mostly because i feel left out as i dont have twitter and love participating in the evolution of this game). Keep up the good work and these ideas!
  3. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    I too would be insanely keen to put my hand up in joining the closed beta testing absolutely love this game and cannot wait to see the ongoing process.
  4. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    Hey, Just got this game and ive been playing it a fair bit, overall enjoying it and am sooo excited for the full version when its all complete. BUT this wolf situation needs to be adjusted, I also keep having half my village killed off from a pack of wolves every single winter as i get closer to the medieval stage. I have been playing for three days straight and not once have i managed to progress to a successful medieval village. My frustration on this is ever increasing. The nuggets do not go to the bunkers when they are attacked, the watch tower nuggets....freak out..they are supposed to be the village protectors, and then my village withers and dies because there are not enough villagers to run the place. i had 12 nuggets die the first attack then the next time it was around 20... i have yet to have a village over 75 pop. As god i am helpless to protect my poor little nugz, why cant i smite these nasty wolves? Eliseth you are not alone on this one.